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What's new in for Outlook

Version 6.7 (May, 2018)

  • Easily discover and add other site collections to work with in
  • now supports Microsoft's new secure external sharing capability for sharing Office 365 documents with external users.
  • Improved performance.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #48573: A replied email is marked with Saved on SharePoint category, while it is not saved.
    • #48723: Error when uploading an Outlook folder with sub folders containing emails with the same subject.
    • #48812: A document set is created when leaving required fields blank and canceling the operation.
    • #48813: Save dialog opens slowly on Windows 10.
    • #49034: Check in fails for an uploaded document that its name is changed by an external handler.
    • #49153: Item counter fields are hidden in
    • #49201: Failures when connecting to Office 365 sites with Office modern authentication.
    • #49218: Content type field is not set in a German localized site.
    • #49386: Unable to provision the number of recent locations displayed in the dropdown menu.
    • #49393: Outlook freezes because of a database operation in main thread.
Ready to give it a try?

Version 6.6 (January, 2018)

  • 6.6 introduces new methods of facilitating email classification in SharePoint:
  • In All Sites > Teams and Groups now distinguishes between Teams () and Groups ().
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #48233: Failed loading terms from a followed site.
    • #48290: Drag and drop a windows folder to creates a document set.
    • #48495: Failed to automatically upload emails via Outlook rules.
    • #48565: Could not open a task uploaded to Sharepoint with

Version 6.5 (November, 2017)

  • Integration with K2:
    • View K2 Worklist as a new tab in
    • Take action and show task-related information in the context of system notification emails.
    • Start a workflow in the context of a SharePoint document.
    For more information and administration instructions read Integrate with K2.
  • A new Refresh button () in the All Sites view refreshes the provisioned sites list.
  • Added a new search bar to search for a SharePoint location when uploading email messages and attachments to SharePoint. This feature must be provisioned by your administrator.
  • Support opening the tree view panel from the search results. Select a document and click the Tree View Navigation icon ().
  • View term set desciption: When editing managed metadata properties, hover over a term to view its description. This feature must be provisioned by your administrator.
  • Include folders in the current view's sort order, when the SharePoint option Sort only by specified criteria (folders may not appear before items) is checked.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #46907: Failure when uploading a large file.
    • #46966: Sync button is not enabled in latest Windows 10 edition (when only OneDrive.exe is installed).
    • #47474: A sent meeting request is duplicated in the Draft folder, after replacing attachment with link.
    • #47503: reports an Access denied error instead of a Page not found error.
    • #47608: The properties window does not open after uploading to a large library when the uploaded document is not in the current view.
    • #47719: Cannot search for content in libraries that belong to a private Team.
    • #47788: Script errors are issued when previewing an email containing broken image links.
    • #47892: Word/Excel documents open as read-only when document name contains the '&' character.

Version 6.4 (August, 2017)

  • Add a custom message when sharing documents with other people.
  • Extended the Open in command to open SharePoint links of documents shared with you.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #46371: Slow closing of sent email messages.
    • #46389: Error When parsing Date and Time.
    • #46505: Failed to drag-and-drop emails onto a document library.
    • #46787: Document-set created using is shown as a folder in SharePoint.

Version 6.3 (July, 2017)

  • Extended - Collage integration:
  • Easily add, edit, and remove SharePoint sites from the Sites view.
  • Important bug fix:
    • #45624: does not honor foreign keyboards exposed by the KWIN utility.
    • #46120: Property editor dialog disappears and metadata cannot be filled.

Version 6.2 (July, 2017)

  • Extended the Outlook Rules feature to automatically upload email attachments to SharePoint. This feature applies to for Outlook, Enterprise Edition, only.
  • Support '#' and '%' in file and folder names in Office 365 sites. This feature must be provisioned by your administrator.
  • Share SharePoint 2016 team site documents/items.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #44107: Uploading emails with Save & Send does not work properly when users have multiple accounts/email addresses.
    • #44119: OWA generated links are broken when there is space in folder name.
    • #44140: Cannot set Display Language after provisioning UniqueName with Force.
    • #44814: Publish as a major version is not available when working with in French.
    • #44862: Error in views with boolean columns in French.
    • #45057: The Customization Generator tool generates an unusable mst transform.
    • #45103: Outlook crashes when clicking on Minimize after installation.
    • #45137: is stuck at loading.
    • #45317: The People Picker control in the properties window does not open when connected to a non-existing group.
    • #45402: Sync error: "You’re already syncing this account".

Version 6.1 (May, 2017)

  • Improved uploading items to SharePoint:
  • A new context-menu command for email messages uploaded to SharePoint - Open in - shows the uploaded email message in the sidebar.
  • A new context-menu command to Rename SharePoint items.
  • Include favorite locations in Office Open / Save As dialogs.
  • A new provisioning key saves credentials supplied in browser authentication for future requests.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #43452: Subsites in non-English Sharepoint sites are not visible.
    • #43588: Latest OneDrive for Business selective sync client does not work with
    • #43652: does not return more than 10 SharePoint groups.
    • #43904: Preview of documents in Office 365 is broken.
    • #43914: No warning to fill required properties, when switching content type upon upload.

Version 6.0 (March, 2017)

Version 5.7 (December, 2016)

  • Added Collage as a new tab in
  • Automatic sharing of Office 365 team site documents with email recipients.
  • A new tree view panel allows quick navigation between SharePoint locations.
  • Show distinguished icons for uploaded appointments, meetings, contacts, tasks, and posts.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #41652: A single quote character in a status update is causing an error.
    • #41686: System updates in SharePoint caused to issue too many update requests.
    • #41844: attempts to connect to OneDrive live.
    • #41966: Error when logging in to Yammer.

Version 5.6 (November, 2016)

  • Automatically upload emails to SharePoint using Outlook Rules or drop folders connected to your favorites. This feature applies to for Outlook, Enterprise Edition, only.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #39385: Office Online link is not created for some file types.
    • #40822: Failed to navigate to specific sites in the Sites I'm Following list.
    • #41263: Wrong Business Card is shown for a person.
    • #41491: Could not map email headers in messages with very large attachments.
    • #41560: Office 365 connectivity fix.

Version 5.5 (September, 2016)

  • Added offline support:
    • Make a document library available offline using favorites, or from the Sync library icon ().
    • Document library views available offline.
    • Document properties available offline (read-only).
    • Provision favorites as offline locations.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #37629: Problem to connect to a SharePoint site protected by F5 BIG-IP.
    • #38209: Unique email name feature wrongly uses a TimeStamp to create the unique name in case Date or Sender fields are missing.
    • #38465: Cannot create list items when list has Choice columns of type Checkboxes defined with no default value.
    • #39549: Cannot move a document between folders with drag and drop.
    • #39974: Incorrect content type assigned to folders during recursive e-mail folder upload.

Version 5.4 (July, 2016)

Version 5.3.1 (April, 2016)

  • A new menu option to Send Logs to Support.
  • Set any SharePoint property as the display name of links to SharePoint items (instead of the item name)
  • New provisioning keys for:
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #36653: Navigation to the website was canceled; page appears after refresh.
    • #37069: OneDrive Shared With command throws an error.
    • #37209: Problem to upload and fill properties with
    • #37354: Edit action appears in context menu for msg files.
    • #37391: Visible columns re-defined order not preserved after restarting Outlook.
    • #37392: Initial connectivity issues with the browser.

Version 5.3 (April, 2016)

  • Skip document upload in multiple uploads: you can now skip uploading documents that already exist on SharePoint.
  • Improved Document ID / hyperlink support in the documents list: open a document/url in the browser by clicking a Document ID / hyperlink column value in the documents list.
  • Set multiple default email content types for email header mapping if your SharePoint has multiple email content types defined (in different libraries).
  • Improved Go to 'OneDrive': Go to OneDrive now navigates directly to the OneDrive Documents library and not to the site.
  • A new provisioning option to prevent uploading email messages to SharePoint local files (document libraries saved offline).

Version 5.2 (February, 2016)

  • View the documents of your Office 365 Groups. This feature must be enabled by an administrator.
  • Configure which view to open when starts.
  • Extend filtering the documents list to additional column types: Single line of text, and Person or Group.
  • Support restricting SharePoint sites to users: allow users to add SharePoint sites only from a pre-configured site list.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #35734: Outlook 2016 crashes when registering the first SharePoint site with browser authentication on Windows 10.
    • #36050: Cannot sort documents by Path column.

Version 5.1 (December, 2015)

Version 5.0 (October, 2015)

  • Added support for Outlook 2016.
  • View and edit items of type Link to a Document.
  • Replace old-format Office documents with new-format documents (for example .doc with .docx).
  • Enable the Saved Location button for all email messages uploaded to SharePoint.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #32433: Link to a Document Set does not include Document ID.
    • #32427: Extend Site search results to include the Title column if it is added via the Visible Columns dialog.
    • #32426: Extend Cut and Paste to work between document libraries of the same site.
    • #32279: Error when creating a managed metadata term containing the ampersand (&) character.
    • #32213: does not prompt for required fields when creating a Document Set.
    • #32247: Error when cutting and pasting a document between folders.

Version 4.7 (August, 2015)

  • A new provisioning option to set the number of maximum items that can be uploaded to SharePoint in a single operation.
  • Create preview data for emails uploaded to SharePoint before the Show Preview feature was published.
  • Added support for Windows 10.

Version 4.6 (July, 2015)

  • Improved performance and navigation experience in large lists by loading the most recent items first.
  • Save emails to SharePoint with a unique name.
  • Show preview of PDF files in Office 365.
  • Open an app page when dragging and dropping emails to SharePoint.
  • A new provisioning option to always take the site title from SharePoint.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #29845: Prompt to replace attachments does not work when sending emails to a distribution list.
    • #30288: Open in browser does not work properly when opening locations that were customized in SharePoint.
    • #30910: Find as you type does not work when typing in Hebrew.

Version 4.5.5 (June, 2015)

Version 4.5.4 (May, 2015)

  • Support email preview.
  • Filter the Edit Properties window by required properties / all properties.
  • New provisioning options to:
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #27524: Unable to open Visio 2013 documents.
    • #27603: MS Word documents are downloaded when Document ID is used in SharePoint 2013 SP1.
    • #27833: Saved to SharePoint indication does not appear when D&D multiple email messages.
    • #27919: Outlook hangs when connecting to SharePoint using Browser Authentication.
    • #28145: Improved performance when navigating to libraries that use large Term Stores.
    • #29311: First day of week setting is not reflected in the Calendar control.

Version 4.5 SP2 (February, 2015)

This release includes the following fixes:
  • #26075: Fixed authentication issue when navigating to Office 365 sub sites.
  • #26108: Fixed Video content type upload in Office 365.
  • #26128: Improved resolving SharePoint users in Version History.
  • #26174: Fixed Save Message ribbon button - sometimes disabled in rich text emails.
  • #26182: Improved search query for Office 365.
  • #26192: Improved robustness of Registry lookup.
  • #27265: Fixed date property editing.

Version 4.5 SP1 (January, 2015)

  • Improved permissions check when verifying SharePoint links.
  • Quick navigation to the properties of the next/prev document/item.
  • Support running Yammer Embed as a 2nd party application.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • Document Set Description property is not visible.
    • #24461: Site provisioned as the social server is not resolved.
    • #25374: Sometimes the document gets corrupted during a drag and drop operation.
    • #25684: Yammer networks and groups are not loaded.
    • #25832: Additional lookup field values are not visible. 2015, Version 4.5 (December, 2014)

  • SharePoint lists:
  • Improved document properties window.
  • Improved Date and Time property editing.
  • Preview of PDF documents is now disabled due to changes in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #20940: Cannot resize when working with Remote Desktop Server.
    • #21860: Error displaying attachments in grouped views.
    • #22116: Email header mapping not working when there are non-editable fields.
    • #22513: Document preview does not work when the Document ID feature is activated.
    • #24062: Upload of email with identical subjects is not optimized.
    • #24127: List view threshold reached when uploading email.
    • #24229: Problem when editing property values containing commas.
    • #24392: Cannot delete a file from search results.
    • #24461: Provisioned site defined as default social server is not resolved the first time Outlook starts.
    • #24604: shares and verifies recipients' access to links in the conversation instead of current body.

Version 4.2.2 (August, 2014)

Version 4.2.1 (July, 2014)

  • Improve integration with Outlook 2013 Reading Pane.
  • Important bug fix:
    • #18068: The Properties window opens and closes when uploading an attachment during email sending, even when Open the Properties window on every upload is checked.

Version 4.2 (May, 2014)

  • Improved navigation experience:
    • A new view called All Sites is now available as the top most level. Navigating to this view shows all the registered sites as a list.
    • Navigation breadcrumbs moved to the top of the sidebar.
    • Back/forward buttons are global and can be found above the Documents/People/Yammer tabs.
  • Support Client Certificate based authentication - users are able to select a certificate when adding a SharePoint server to (can also be provisioned by administrators).
  • Update to the new version of Yammer Embed.
  • Support adding SharePoint sites and Document Library links to email message by copy and drag & drop.

Version 4.1.2 (March, 2014)

  • Important bug fixes:
    • #13775: Wrong characters are displayed in the tags filter when the PC locale is not English.
    • #13909: Property default value not set on upload when manually selecting the document Content Type.
    • #16138: An error occurred when uploading multiple items (~2000 and more).
    • #16737: Reduced the number of queries while uploading a document.
    • #16900: Wrong site title is displayed in search results.
    • #16950: Value of ‘Content Type’ column appears empty for folders and document set items.

Version 4.1.1 (November 25, 2013)

  • Verify email recipients’ access to SharePoint document links before sending the email, using a ribbon button.
  • Rename email attachments before uploading them to SharePoint in the ‘Save to SharePoint’ dialog.
  • Enable sharing of SkyDrive documents with external users.
  • Support phonetic name matching (“fuzzy name matching”) when searching for people.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #11146: ‘Filter by Tags’ does not filter the document list properly when a term ends with a ‘:’ character.
    • #13064: Hidden content types are still shown in the New Document button.
    • #13065: Listing the correct content types of a custom Document Set.
    • #13816: Searching SharePoint 2013 for documents using custom Result Sources.
    • #13909: Setting properties default values when the default content type is selected during a document upload.
    • #13940: Hiding the field ‘Name’ from the document’s Property Editor when it is hidden in SharePoint.
    • #14173: Searching for documents using ‘This Site’ scope returned results from other site collections.
    • #14163: Crashes when navigating to a specific document library.

Version 4.1 (October 1, 2013)

  • Ability to search for documents across different site collections. See How do I search for documents / content in documents?.
  • Verify email recipients access to SharePoint document links when sending an email.
  • Set the default action when sending an email message with attachments: Select what action you want taken when sending email messages that contain attachments, including the option to replace attachments with links when all the recipients are from a specific domain. See Setting email options.
  • Improved support for choice property editor: Auto complete and type-ahead of choice property values.
  • Drag and drop of document libraries and sites to create links in email messages.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #10327: Improved performance when working with large term sets.
    • #11193: New content type fields are shown after content type selection was canceled by server.
    • #11779: Outlook locks when sharing the screen via WebEx.
    • #11954: Error when sending an email message with a signature from Outlook 2013 Preview Pane.
    • #12085: Document 'Name' field value reverts back to the previous value in Full Properties Editor.
    • #12464: SharePoint 2013 Person and Group field values are not always showing in Properties Editor.

Version 4.0 Service Pack 1 (June 26, 2013)

  • Improved Yammer integration:
    • View and share updates with external networks.
    • View and share updates with specific group.
  • Enhanced credentials support:
    • Based on previously registered sites, your user name and password can be ‘auto-completed’ when adding or editing SharePoint sites.
    • On domain password expiration, suggests to update all registered sites with the new credentials.
  • A new Save Draft Message button in the ribbon button allows uploading drafts to SharePoint.
  • Comply with Do Not Forward permission, blocks uploading of restricted emails.
  • Metadata synonyms: Ability to search for synonyms in properties of managed metadata type.

Version 4.0 (May 12, 2013)

  • Yammer integration. View your Yammer feed, your co-worker’s feed, post new messages and comments all from within Outlook. Learn more in Integrating with Yammer and Configuring Yammer integration with
  • Improved Office 365 and SharePoint 2013 support:
    • Document preview. A SharePoint 2013's functionality. Users can select to preview Office documents. See To view a document preview.
    • Sharing of SkyDrive document links. When sending SkyDrive document links to SharePoint recipients, suggests sharing the document with the recipients. See To share SkyDrive document links.
  • Lync 2013 support.
  • Verify recipients access to document links. A new SharePoint server component verifies that your email SharePoint recipients have access to the document links’ locations. Read Enable the verify recipients access feature and Setting email and attachments upload options for more information.
  • Offline support via SkyDrive Pro. Synchronize your documents from any SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2010 document library, view documents’ synchronization statuses, and work on documents offline. For more information, read Working with Offline documents.
  • Improved Save to SharePoint dialog. It is now possible to select an upload location from your favorites and recent locations, or browse through the entire sites list.
  • Batch saving of properties. When working in full properties view, all changed properties are saved to SharePoint together.
  • Default view per content type. shows different default views for different content types.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #6140: Document search returns no results when the searched location contains spaces or underscores.
    • #6184: Sometimes Outlook shows "Loading plugin" for 6-8 seconds after reboot.
    • #7516: Users are able to remove the value of a required field.
    • #7628: The SharePoint location to which an email was uploaded is displayed as a property in the print preview.
    • #24236: Uploading public Outlook folders to SharePoint corrupts contained PDF files.
    • #24221: Site name truncated to 50 characters.

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