What's new in harmon.ie for Outlook

Version 6.8 (October, 2018)

  • Added an option to save a filtered list as a personal SharePoint view using harmon.ie. This is an Enterprise Edition feature.
  • Redesigned the People tab, which now includes document updates and people search.
  • Improved column filtering:
    • Extended column filtering to include column types: Date and Time, File Type, and File Size.
    • Enabled column filtering in site search results.
    • Improved filtering of columns with multiple values.
  • Hid system libraries (Form Templates, Site Assets, etc) from harmon.ie. This feature can be provisioned.
  • Added values filter for editing multiple-selection Choice properties.
  • Added support for the German Cloud.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #49543: Error when syncing Office 365 document libraries with new/latest OneDrive.exe.
    • #49582: Outlook rules only upload the first batch of emails.
    • #49642: Path column is not set correctly in search results, in library scope, when documentID is enabled.
    • #49704: Multi-line properties are not displayed correctly in the Document Properties dialog.
    • #49715: Wrong Date format displayed when editing properties.
    • #49754: Favorite location isn't resolved after syncing favorites between machines.
    • #49812: Search inside People and Group columns returns less results than Office.
    • #50083: Blank properties window when editing an item.
    • #50156: Empty grey sidebar appears when setting multiple displays in Outlook options.

Version 6.7 (May, 2018)

  • Easily discover and add other site collections to work with in harmon.ie.
  • harmon.ie now supports Microsoft's new secure external sharing capability for sharing Office 365 documents with external users.
  • Improved harmon.ie performance.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #48573: A replied email is marked with Saved on SharePoint category, while it is not saved.
    • #48723: Error when uploading an Outlook folder with sub folders containing emails with the same subject.
    • #48812: A document set is created when leaving required fields blank and canceling the operation.
    • #48813: Save dialog opens slowly on Windows 10.
    • #49034: Check in fails for an uploaded document that its name is changed by an external handler.
    • #49153: Item counter fields are hidden in harmon.ie.
    • #49201: Failures when connecting to Office 365 sites with Office modern authentication.
    • #49218: Content type field is not set in a German localized site.
    • #49386: Unable to provision the number of recent locations displayed in the dropdown menu.
    • #49393: Outlook freezes because of a harmon.ie database operation in main thread.

Version 6.6 (January, 2018)

  • harmon.ie 6.6 introduces new methods of facilitating email classification in SharePoint:
  • In All Sites > Teams and Groups harmon.ie now distinguishes between Teams () and Groups ().
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #48233: Failed loading terms from a followed site.
    • #48290: Drag and drop a windows folder to harmon.ie creates a document set.
    • #48495: Failed to automatically upload emails via Outlook rules.
    • #48565: Could not open a task uploaded to Sharepoint with harmon.ie.

Version 6.5 (November, 2017)

  • Integration with K2:
    • View K2 Worklist as a new tab in harmon.ie.
    • Take action and show task-related information in the context of system notification emails.
    • Start a workflow in the context of a SharePoint document.
    For more information and administration instructions read Integrate harmon.ie with K2.
  • A new Refresh button () in the All Sites view refreshes the provisioned sites list.
  • Added a new search bar to search for a SharePoint location when uploading email messages and attachments to SharePoint. This feature must be provisioned by your administrator.
  • Support opening the tree view panel from the search results. Select a document and click the Tree View Navigation icon ().
  • View term set desciption: When editing managed metadata properties, hover over a term to view its description. This feature must be provisioned by your administrator.
  • Include folders in the current view's sort order, when the SharePoint option Sort only by specified criteria (folders may not appear before items) is checked.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #46907: Failure when uploading a large file.
    • #46966: Sync button is not enabled in latest Windows 10 edition (when only OneDrive.exe is installed).
    • #47474: A sent meeting request is duplicated in the Draft folder, after replacing attachment with link.
    • #47503: harmon.ie reports an Access denied error instead of a Page not found error.
    • #47608: The properties window does not open after uploading to a large library when the uploaded document is not in the current view.
    • #47719: Cannot search for content in libraries that belong to a private Team.
    • #47788: Script errors are issued when previewing an email containing broken image links.
    • #47892: Word/Excel documents open as read-only when document name contains the '&' character.

Version 6.4 (August, 2017)

  • Add a custom message when sharing documents with other people.
  • Extended the Open in harmon.ie command to open SharePoint links of documents shared with you.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #46371: Slow closing of sent email messages.
    • #46389: Error When parsing Date and Time.
    • #46505: Failed to drag-and-drop emails onto a document library.
    • #46787: Document-set created using harmon.ie is shown as a folder in SharePoint.

Version 6.3 (July, 2017)

  • Extended harmon.ie - Collage integration:
  • Easily add, edit, and remove SharePoint sites from the Sites view.
  • Important bug fix:
    • #45624: harmon.ie does not honor foreign keyboards exposed by the KWIN utility.
    • #46120: Property editor dialog disappears and metadata cannot be filled.

Version 6.2 (July, 2017)

  • Extended the Outlook Rules feature to automatically upload email attachments to SharePoint. This feature applies to harmon.ie for Outlook, Enterprise Edition, only.
  • Support '#' and '%' in file and folder names in Office 365 sites. This feature must be provisioned by your administrator.
  • Share SharePoint 2016 team site documents/items.
  • Important bug fixes:
    • #44107: Uploading emails with Save & Send does not work properly when users have multiple accounts/email addresses.
    • #44119: harmon.ie OWA generated links are broken when there is space in folder name.
    • #44140: Cannot set Display Language after provisioning UniqueName with Force.
    • #44814: Publish as a major version is not available when working with harmon.ie in French.
    • #44862: Error in views with boolean columns in French.
    • #45057: The Customization Generator tool generates an unusable mst transform.
    • #45103: Outlook crashes when clicking on Minimize harmon.ie after installation.
    • #45137: harmon.ie is stuck at loading.
    • #45317: The People Picker control in the harmon.ie properties window does not open when connected to a non-existing group.
    • #45402: Sync error: "You’re already syncing this account".

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