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In the ever-evolving landscape of work and information, searching for files across various platforms often feels like embarking on a tedious treasure hunt. revolutionizes this experience by integrating a powerful search tool directly within Outlook, allowing users to find files across the entire Microsoft 365 suite - SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive - without the need to juggle between different apps.

  • Beyond Basic Search: Enhanced Capabilities for Better Results

    Leveraging metadata-enhanced discovery means faster and more accurate search results, aligning perfectly with knowledge worker needs.

  • Transform Business Operations

    Reduce time and effort spent locating files to improve response times. As customer Annie Conza, Managing Director, Add iT Accountants puts it, “Our ability to respond to inquiries within seconds makes us a vital resource for our clients, who will even contact us from board meetings when they need historical data to make key decisions.”

  • Improve Business Efficiency

    Instead of wasting time hunting for files, employees can focus on more productive tasks. This boosts both output and morale, setting the stage for increased collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • More Accurate Search Results offers multiple ways to narrow down search results, including:

    ✔️ Filter by Microsoft 365 apps (SharePoint, Teams, and/or OneDrive)

    ✔️ Filter by file type (PDFs, emails, PowerPoints, etc.)

    ✔️ Search on metadata tags

    ✔️ Instant access to previous searches

  • Streamlined Next Steps

    Sharing files from search results is a breeze with menu options to copy a link to the file, email the link, or share it to a location on Teams. Jump to the parent location of the file to see what else is in that folder or favorite it for easy access in the future.

Babcock: Simplifying Enterprise Collaboration’s search capabilities were a key driver for Babcock International’s successful implementation and adoption of SharePoint across their employee engineering services organization. With 26,000 SharePoint users and 40 terabytes of data, finding information quickly and easily is a top priority. gives you that window into SharePoint right from Outlook. With, finding the SharePoint site that I need, finding the document library I need, it’s very quick, it's very responsive, and it's straight there in Outlook. You don't have to open up another browser window, it's there all the time, so that saves me a lot of time.

Janet Robertson, Digital Workplace Analyst at Babcock International

Add iT: The Business Impact of Quick Answers

For accounting services firm Add iT, each client engagement spawns a steady waterfall of documents and email messages over the years, which all must be filed away and organized because of the highly regulated nature of accounting. The firm constantly gets urgent requests about when and why things were done in the past, so managing director Annie Conza has a high bar for success when it comes to searching for files, “If I can’t find something in one minute from among our hundreds of thousands of emails and files, I’m not happy.

With, Add iT implemented its “no documents on desktops” policy to ensures every file and email gets saved in the right spot in SharePoint for quick recall in the future.

Our ability to respond to inquiries within seconds makes us a vital resource for our clients, who will even contact us from board meetings when they need historical data to make key decisions.

Annie Conza, Managing Director at Add iT Consultants

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