Putting the Human at Center of Today’s Digital Experience
harmon.ie delivers the first topic computing experience, by presenting enterprise events from cloud services, organized by topics, directly in the Outlook client.
Putting the human in the center fosters focus and reduces distraction, so people can get work done.
Humanizing The Digital Workplace at Swiss Re
See how harmon.ie helps Global 300 reinsurance giant SwissRe maintain its edge as a leading knowledge company, by humanizing workers’ access to business-critical information.
Full-featured access to Office 365 and SharePoint from an Outlook or Notes email sidebar on your desktop.
Plus, all your apps, organized by topics.
Effortlessly upload and classify emails and documents from the convenience of Office plug-ins on the Mac, mobile devices, and the Office Web App.
Full-featured, secure access to Office 365 and SharePoint from smartphones and tablets via a mobile app on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.
Collage Inside™ Technology
Information Presented By Topics, The Way Your Brain Works
Collage technology combines artificial intelligence with patent-pending innovations to uncover and associate topics across many apps, so workers can focus on the things they care about like customers, projects, and products, rather than toggle between apps looking for information.

What's New

Ensure the success of your Office 365 and SharePoint-based Initiatives

Collage Inside™

View information from Office 365 and other cloud apps organized by topics, directly from Outlook.

Swiss Re Drives its Business Forward using AI

Swiss Re AG is betting that technology can assist its people with more and more of the work at the heart of its reinsurance business, searching documents for relevant information and saving them time.

New! Collage for Dynamics 365

The first user experience tool to focus on key sales and account opportunities.
Learn more – watch the recorded webinar.

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