100+ licenses
Additional Discount Available


Outlook add-in for Office 365/SharePoint
Full-featured Office 365/SharePoint mobile apps
Upload and access Office 365/SharePoint documents
Share document links
Premium Support
Full metadata support and email header mapping
Secure offline document access
Centralized deployment and MDM
15–99 licenses


Outlook add-in for Office 365/SharePoint
Full-featured Office 365/SharePoint mobile apps
Upload and access Office 365/SharePoint documents
Share document links
Premium support
Full metadata support and email header mapping
Offline document access
Centralized deployment

Up to 15 licenses
Outlook add-in for Office 365/SharePoint
Read-only Office 365/SharePoint mobile apps
Access Office 365/SharePoint
Share document links
Community support



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Customers Quotes

Dominic Makemson

Aon Hewitt


Because it’s so easy to use with harmon.ie, we’ve achieved 95%-100% adoption of SharePoint in the first year... harmon.ie was intuitive enough that people could then go their own way and use it with little further guidance."

Deborah Beury

VINCI Energies


Our users are very happy. Using harmon.ie from within Outlook is smooth, intuitive, and most importantly, it does not require a training program. harmon.ie focuses on the needs of the business user."

Anke Riesner



With harmon.ie, there are no more collaboration barriers. The extra step of transferring files to disk is gone. Attachments and other files are uploaded to SharePoint as they are used instead of waiting to upload everything at the end of the day."

Case Studies


The Project Group realized that they needed to make it easy for NIBC employees to take advantage of what SharePoint had to offer, if they were to realize the business goals of the initiative. As such, they initiated an intensive and comprehensive search for ‘user experience’ tools. ... A committee of users was appointed and a detailed product evaluation commenced, one that incorporated document sharing and collaboration from both the desktop and mobile devices. harmon.ie was selected as the product of choice. "harmon.ie provides the consistent user experience across the desktop and mobile devices needed to help us realize the digital workplace" said Wybe Koolstra – Innovation Manager Digital Workspace.


Aon Hewitt

Aon Hewitt rolled out the SharePoint system, powered by harmon.ie and branded ‘PulsePoint,’ to its 2,000 consultants across the U.K., Holland and Switzerland in 2014. The rollout focused on explaining the business processes, rather than the technology. Because of harmon.ie’s intuitive interface with Outlook, “we didn’t need to train much,” says Dom Makemson, Principal Consultant at Aon-Hewitt UK. harmon.ie helps Aon Hewitt accomplish its business goals by ensuring that business processes are implemented and by enabling better communications and collaboration among team members.



The search for a solution led us to harmon.ie. With harmon.ie, end users drag and drop email attachments and correspondence into SharePoint from an email sidebar without leaving their email comfort zone. Users can also find, open and e-mail SharePoint files from the same email window – again without the multi-step navigation and repeated application switching otherwise required to complete SharePoint tasks. Continental says that “without harmon.ie, project information would be stuck in our email system instead of being shared and accessible to everyone on SharePoint. Document collaboration at Continental literally depends on harmon.ie.”


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It seems I can’t buy less than 15 licenses, but I don’t need that many. What can I do?
harmon.ie offers a free harmon.ie Outlook add-in for the individual user. For subscriptions of less than 15 users, we recommend to use the harmon.ie Free Edition. If you need the email header mapping to capture email metadata in SharePoint/Office365, you will need to purchase a minimum of 15 licenses.
Q: Are there discounts available?
harmon.ie offers a volume discount based on the number of licensed users, starting from 1,000 users. harmon.ie also offers an “organization-wide” discounts, enabling organizations to boost SharePoint usage for their entire community of business users. Furthermore, harmon.ie offers a three-year subscription discount.
For more details, please contact us.
Q: How many licenses does a user need to access harmon.ie from multiple devices?
harmon.ie connect licensing is per person (rather than per device). One person accessing harmon.ie from multiple devices, such as the desktop and several mobile devices will only need one harmon.ie license.
Q: How can I get an enterprise evaluation license?
harmon.ie offers a free 30-day evaluation license for organizations interested in boosting SharePoint adoption across their community. To submit an evaluation request, please visit this page.
Q: What are the main differences between the Free Edition and the Enterprise Edition?
The harmon.ie Free Edition is designed for the individual user, while the Enterprise Edition is designed for organizations interested in boosting SharePoint usage and adoption. The Free Edition is limited to 15 users per organization. The Enterprise Edition includes the ability to centrally deploy harmon.ie to the organization SharePoint community. For details, refer to the table above.