Bridge Teams and Outlook

Bridge Teams and Outlook

A celebration of collaboration is happening in Teams - chats, video meetings, channels... but where are the emails?
Take control of your Teams project and manage emails and files as records to increase productivity.

  • Invites Emails to Teams

    Stop jumping between teams, channels, folders, and sub-folders. A simple tree view makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, wherever it is on Teams, right from Outlook. An Email View on Teams displays every shared email and its metadata, creating a virtual, actionable shared inbox for everyone.

  • Bring The Whole Email Into Teams

    Drag and drop to instantly save emails and documents in any Teams location. Tag files with metadata and create views automatically to keep Teams organized.

  • Collaborate on emails in Teams

    Easily share files from Teams in emails, as a link or attachment. Quickly share files from across M365 to a Teams channel or chat.

assmann gruppe case study Helps assmann gruppe Manage Large Construction Projects in Microsoft Teams.

“ helps us organize our files and easily save them to Microsoft Teams whether we’re in the field or at our desks.”

Thomas Zimmermann Head of the Department of Project Management and Authorized Signatory, assmann gruppe

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