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In today's digital world, managing and retaining emails is a crucial task for organizations. But, what emails to keep, how long to store them, and ensuring their security can be challenging. With, navigate through these questions effortlessly; optimizing storage, security, and mitigating risks.

Why should you retain emails?

Email retention policies ensure all employees approach and handle emails with a consistent set of procedures and responsibilities.

  • Records and Information Management (RIM)

    Implement RIM policies for record capture, storage, and disposition.

  • Business Continuity

    Safeguard vital information and retain relevance for you and your team.

  • Business Collaboration

    Foster team collaboration by centralizing and sharing emails, eliminating informational silos for enhanced teamwork.

  • Legal Compliance

    Ensure adherence to global regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX, minimizing the risk of penalties or consequences.

  • Archiving and Quick Retrieval

    Preserve business history, improve searchability, and quickly retrieve emails, ensuring efficient access to vital information on past activities and decisions.

  • Cost-effective Storage

    Optimize storage costs by retaining only valuable emails, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

  • Integration, AI and Automation

    Seamlessly integrate with existing systems and utilize automation to streamline processes and reduce friction.

Maximizing Microsoft 365 for Seamless Email Retention

Discover how Microsoft 365's built-in retention capabilities empower your organization with efficient and cost-effective email retention solutions. Read more to optimize your email management.

Communication and educating employees on email retention policies

Ensure regulatory compliance effortlessly by communicating, educating, and reinforcing email retention policies. Continuous training, reinforcement and updates facilitate seamless adherence, contributing to long-term success in navigating global regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and SOX.

Developing a Solid Email Retention Policy

When creating an effective email retention policy, is an indispensable tool in ensuring consistency and adherence to retention requirements.

Explore In-Depth Resources

Dive into our documentation for comprehensive insights into effective email retention strategies and best practices. Stay informed, stay secure:

Bosch case study

The combined SharePoint/ solution helps Bosch manage its millions of daily emails, including those business records that need to be accessed by colleagues.

"We want everybody to use, because once you use it, you love it."

Daniel Stuch Bosch Senior Project Leader Application Development and Rollout

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