Optimizing the Information Management assembly line for manufacturers

Efficiency is everything for manufacturers who must hit delivery targets without sacrificing quality or exceeding budgeted costs. That operational efficiency all begins with everyone having access to accurate and current information. harmon.ie makes it easy to boost the adoption of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams for collaboration and document management, enabling manufacturing companies to maximize output, minimize waste, and handle change orders effectively while optimizing their workflows.

  • Add context to change requests

    External factors can impact your production schedules in a big way. By dragging and dropping key emails and attachments directly to Teams or SharePoint without ever leaving Outlook, your colleagues can ensure everyone who needs to know gets the update without getting sidetracked. Adding external emails to Teams channels or SharePoint file repositories provides extra context for change requests and adjustments to the cost of materials while also documenting the entire chain of events.

  • Avoid version control mishaps

    From procuring the right parts to shipping finished products to the correct locations, every step of the manufacturing process relies on workers using the latest and definitive version of key files. By shifting file management from Outlook inboxes to SharePoint and Teams, harmon.ie helps companies build the right things at the right time by creating a single source of truth in a central location instead of multiple iterations lingering about.

  • Break down organizational silos

    Just as a product gets touched by many hands—or robots—as it makes its way down the assembly line, a diverse set of colleagues need access to the same information. Whether it’s a list of widget suppliers or contracts for a key customer, Teams and SharePoint facilitate easy discovery and secure access to those files. harmon.ie makes it simple to share those documents—and the relevant emails that accompany them—in a central location and add metadata so coworkers from different departments and facilities can find them.

  • Do more with your M365

    harmon.ie optimizes your Microsoft investment by seamlessly integrating SharePoint and Teams with Outlook, streamlining workflows and enhancing collaboration. It unlocks the full potential of your Office 365 subscription, ensuring maximum productivity and efficient document management across your organization.

Compliance and Information Security

harmon.ie enhances compliance for manufacturing companies by making it easier to classify and manage documents and emails according to regulatory requirements. It provides tools that allow users to add necessary metadata and categorize information effectively, ensuring that documents are stored and retrieved in a manner that complies with industry regulations. This classification process helps maintain a high level of data integrity and auditability, crucial for passing regulatory inspections and audits. By facilitating organized and accessible document management, harmon.ie supports manufacturing companies in maintaining compliance with industry standards and legal obligations.

Klotz Case Study

Klotz invested in SharePoint to create a common platform for document management and collaboration, including digitizing any paper documents as early in the process as possible. But they still needed an easy way for employees to access project-related emails and to use classifying data such as the email’s sender, recipient, and subject for discovery. The firm also wanted to empower workers to share emails to SharePoint as part of their regular workflows rather than as an intermittent, discrete activity to ensure consistent, comprehensive compliance and prevent any confusion when multiple users were working directly with SharePoint.

“Using harmon.ie, we were able to achieve our project objectives with respect to document management in SharePoint. Klotz employees have even commented on how remarkably well harmon.ie has been able to derive metadata classifications from long email threads.”

Jürgen Kaiser Project Manager at Klotz

Babcock International Case Study

When Babcock International shifted its document management to SharePoint, it needed to get its 26,000 end users to consistently share files and emails to it while also classifying them at the same time to comply with government regulations. That need extended to the ability to add mandatory and optional metadata to shared content as part of that seamless workflow. Babcock also wanted to send links to files on SharePoint rather than attaching them to emails to avoid version control issues.

“It makes working with documents and SharePoint so much easier and we actually have statistical evidence that once people see harmon.ie, they want it. You can search for SharePoint content through the harmon.ie Outlook add-on and you can open and modify documents directly through Outlook. So basically, you can just avoid using SharePoint in its entirety which works really well for people who find it hard to work with SharePoint.”

Cassy Freeman Digital Workplace Lead at Babcock

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