Getting started

Getting started

To get started with Mobile:

  1. Install the product.
  2. Launch the application.
  3. Add a SharePoint site.
  4. Start working with SharePoint documents, with email, or with people.

To install

  1. Locate in the App Store.
  2. Tap the application install button.
  3. If required, enter your Apple ID and password. is downloaded and installed on your device.

Note: The first time you run a pop-up appears, and you are asked if you want to login to Yammer to receive your colleague's updates. If you want to login to Yammer, tap Got it, then Log in with Yammer and type your Yammer credentials. If your Yammer domain is different to the company domain you must map both domains in Settings > Advanced (see Yammer login issues).

To add a SharePoint site:

Adding a SharePoint site

To add the SharePoint site(s) you want to access from your mobile device, open

You will be prompted to select between:

  • Add Site. Tap to configure site.
  • Add Sample Site (in Lite). Tap to automatically add a sample SharePoint site with which you can start testing
  • SharePoint Site Lookup (in Enterprise). Enter your email address and then tap Submit and will try to automatically retrieve the SharePoint site you are working with.

If you want to add a site while working with, tap the Views menu () > Sites (), and then tap Add Site (). Configure the site.

To configure a site:

  1. Enter the Address (URL) of the SharePoint site that you want to add, including HTTP or HTTPS.
  2. Specify User and Password to connect to the SharePoint site, or select Browser authentication mode to delegate authentication to the browser.
  3. Tap Save.

You can now start working with the application.

For more information, read Adding and editing SharePoint sites.

Get to know

The Views menu

Tap the Views menu () and then tap: Notifications, such as Tap to sync sites & favorites and Updating offline items are displayed at the top.

You can Log In with Yammer or Log Out at the bottom.

To find SharePoint documents, items and locations:

Browsing a SharePoint site

Once you add a SharePoint site to the application, you can use to find a SharePoint document, item or a location in one of the following ways:

  • Tap the Views menu () > Browse () to navigate the subsites, document libraries, folders, documents and items of the added SharePoint sites.
  • Use the Search action () > Find search bar to find a document/item as you type or search for content in the SharePoint sites by clicking the Tap to search 'xyz' in this location link, or by tapping the Search icon () which appears after the first SharePoint search.
  • Tap the Views menu () > Locations () > History to quickly navigate back and forth between visited locations. You may add a location to your Favorites item, by tapping the star icon () displayed on an item's icon.

For more information, read Finding SharePoint documents, items and locations.

To work with SharePoint documents:

The Document Info pane

You can use to open, edit, check in/out, view properties, upload and update SharePoint documents.

Tap a SharePoint document to open the Document Info or to launch the Open menu (if configured). The Document Info displays document information and common SharePoint operations. The Document Info page opens in a new panel above the existing view. If you access additional pages from the Document Info page, they open in the same panel on top of the Document Info page. When you have additional pages opened above the Document Info page, these pages have a Back icon () on the lower left of the page that enables you to go back to the previous page. The Document Info page remains open until you close it.

Open the Actions menu to view common SharePoint operations.

For more information, read Working with documents.

To work with SharePoint items:

The Document Info pane

SharePoint items comprise items (custom lists), tasks, contacts, issues, announcements, links and calendars. You can use to open, view and update items, add or remove attachments, and edit item details.

Find the item, then tap it to open the Item Info page displaying the item information.

Open the Actions menu to view common SharePoint operations.

For more information, read Working with SharePoint lists.

To work with offline documents/items: enables you to mark document libraries, folders, lists, documents, and items as favorites and optionally save them offline to your device. Saving offline means that you can view and edit documents/items, that have been saved offline on your device, when you have no network connectivity.

To upload to SharePoint:

Use to upload documents, email attachments, and images to SharePoint locations and offline locations. You can also upload documents, email attachments, and images to list items, as attachments.

For more information about uploading to SharePoint with, read the help topic Uploading to SharePoint.

SharePoint and email:

Integrating email and SharePoint is easily accomplished using

  • Tap and hold an email attachment and select Open In > to publish it on SharePoint. If your company uses required document fields, automatically prompts you to complete them.
  • View document information then tap the Actions menu () > Send Email to send/share a SharePoint document as a link or an attachment. If you are sending an attachment while you are offline, the email is only delivered when you next go online.

For more information about email in, read the help topic Working with email.

To work with people:

The People view

Use the People view to connect with your co-workers:

  • Find a person, by scrolling the list, or tapping the Search action (), then typing a name in the Find search bar. You could also search SharePoint for people by tapping the Search action, then clicking the Try to search in SharePoint link.
  • View profile information. Find a person and tap their name to view their Profile Info. Swipe to see updates made by this person.
  • Communicate with people by tapping their phone number or email address.

For more information about SharePoint people in, read the help topic Working with people.

To view updates:

Use the Updates view to view updates from your SharePoint and Yammer colleagues, in site Newsfeeds that you follow, and changes in SharePoint libraries you follow.

For more information about the Updates view, read the help topic Viewing updates.

To lock with a passcode:

This feature does not apply to Mobile Lite.

You can set to be locked and protected with a passcode once it is not the active application:

  1. Tap the Views menu () > Settings ().
  2. Tap Passcode Lock.
  3. Slide the Use Passcode switch to On.
  4. Enter a passcode of 4 digits that will be used to unlock
  5. Retype the passcode to confirm.

To cancel passcode protection:

  1. Tap the Views menu () > Settings ().
  2. Tap Passcode Lock.
  3. Slide the Use Passcode switch to Off.
  4. Enter your passcode of 4 digits for verification.