Working with documents and folders

Working with SharePoint documents and folders

To view document information:

Note: This section does not apply to viewing Wiki Page Info.

  1. Find the required document, and then tap its name.
  2. Tap Show Document Info.
    The Document Info displays the basic information about the document, including: document type icon, document name, title, created by, creation date, modified by, modification date, version history, size, and properties, and, if checked out, the name of the person who checked the document out.
    • If the document has been saved locally for offline use, the offline status is shown in the header below the document title.
    • If an offline document was edited while offline, Modified locally appears, with the modification time, instead of the created by and modified by fields. Local Copy appears below the Document Info title.
    • From the Document Info panel, you can view person information and view document version history. When you view the person's information or view document version history, and open any documents, profiles or updates, they open in the same panel, but a Back icon () now appears at the bottom left of the page. Tap the Back icon to go back one step (page).
    • Tap the Close icon () at any time to close the Document Info panel (and any subsequent pages you may have opened).
      The Document Info pane
  3. Use the document commands in the Actions menu () as follows:
  4. Swipe a document name for quick actions: Open (), Send Email (), Copy Link (), and Delete ().
    Swipe document for common actions
  5. In addition, you can navigate to the document's location, and follow the document's location in order to receive updates for changes made to it. You can also view the profile information of the people that last modified and checked out the document.

To delete a document from SharePoint:

  1. View document information.
    - or -
    Find the required document, and swipe its name.
  2. Tap Delete (). Confirmation is required.

To delete a folder from SharePoint:

  1. Find the folder you want to delete.
  2. Swipe its name.
    Swipe a folder to delete or send a link to it.
  3. Tap Delete () to delete the folder and all its contents. Confirmation is required.

To copy a document link:

  1. View document information.
    - or -
    Find the required document, and swipe its name.
  2. Tap the Actions menu (), and then tap Copy Link ().

To copy a folder link:

  1. Find the required folder, and swipe its name.
  2. Tap the Copy Link icon (). This places the folder name with a hyperlink to its location as text on the Clipboard, which you can then paste to an email message or any other application.

To view version history:

  1. View document information.
  2. Tap the Version area () to open the Version History panel.
    Version History
    The Version History panel lists details of all the versions of the selected document. You can open, restore or delete any version of a document, as described below.
  3. Tap Open () to open the document.
  4. Tap Restore () to restore the last version of the document. When you select this option you are asked to confirm that you want the selected version to replace the current version of the document.
  5. Tap Delete () to delete the selected version of the document. Confirmation is required.
  6. Tap the Back icon () to return to the Document Info panel.

To check in / check out / discard check out:

  1. View document information.
  2. Tap the Actions menu () > Check In (check-in) / Check Out (check-out) / Discard Check Out (discard).
  3. For Check In commands
    1. If both major and minor versions are being tracked in the document library, you are asked to select Version Type. Tap the version and select x.x Minor version / x.0 Major version / x.x Overwrite current version.
    2. Optionally, fill in a check-in comment by tapping the Comments text area.
    3. Tap Check In, or Cancel to cancel the operation.

    Supply a check-in comment


  • Checked out documents have an arrow icon () overlaid on their type icon.
  • Documents that were declared as records cannot be checked out, and have a lock icon () overlaid on their type icon.

To approve or reject documents:

The Approve/Reject Action menu option only appears if the Content approval option has been set by the SharePoint administrator for the selected SharePoint library.

  1. View document information.
  2. Tap the Actions menu () > Approve/Reject (Approve/Reject). The Approve/Reject page opens.
    Approving or rejecting a document.
  3. Select the required approval status (Approve, Reject, or Pending).
  4. (Optional) Enter a comment.
  5. Tap Done. The Document Info page appears showing the updated approval status and any comments added.
    Document Info page approved.

To publish and unpublish documents:

The option to publish or unpublish documents becomes available if the SharePoint library has been set up for versioning and includes the option to create major and minor versions.

To publish a document:

  1. View document information.
  2. Tap the Actions menu () > Publish (Publish).
  3. Enter a comment.
    The document is published:
    • If the SharePoint library settings requires document approval, a new minor version is created until the document is approved. Once the document is approved, a new major version of the document is created.
    • If document approval is not required, a new major version of the document is created.

To unpublish a document:

  1. View document information.
  2. Tap the Actions menu () > Unpublish (Unpublish).
    The document is unpublished and reverts to a minor version with an Approval status of Draft.

To navigate to a document's location:

  1. View document information.
  2. Tap the Actions menu () > Open Location (). The document's location page opens.

To view the breadcrumbs of the current location:

  1. Tap the breadcrumbs icon ().
  2. Tap a location to browse to it.

Viewing the breadcrumbs of a SharePoint location or file.

To follow changes in SharePoint document libraries and folders:

You can follow the changes made in SharePoint libraries and folders. Libraries or folders need to be in the favorites list to be followed.

To follow a SharePoint library or folder, do one of the following:

To view the document changes:

To view the SharePoint documents updates, tap the Views menu > Updates view. You can filter the list to view only document updates.

To view person information:

  1. View document information.
  2. Tap the name in the Created By, Modified By or Checked Out To boxes to view the Profile Info of that person.

To set the default action when tapping a document:

  1. Tap the Views menu () > Settings () > Navigation.
  2. Set Action On Tap to: