Selecting a SharePoint view

Selecting a SharePoint View

What are the available views?

Every SharePoint document or list library has one or more views to control how items are displayed. enables you to select any document or list library view, namely, public or personal views. SharePoint views include the following options:

  • Sort. Items can be sorted by one or two columns.
  • Filter. Documents, lists and folders can be filtered by criteria. For example, the view can define that only items of a specific content type are shown.
  • Folders (applies to document or list libraries only in SharePoint 2010 or later). Specify whether to navigate through folders to view items, or to view all items at once.
  • Group By. If this option is defined by the SharePoint Administrator, documents, lists and folders can be grouped by the defined criteria. When this option is selected, the number of documents, lists or folders is shown in the group header in parenthesis next to the group name.

Note: Per-Location View Settings are not supported in

A view with groups.

Which view is selected during navigation?

To select a view:

  1. To show a list of the available views, tap the current view name displayed in the title bar. Alternatively, tap the Actions menu () > Views ().
    The selected view is displayed in the title bar, below the current location name, and to the end of the list of breadcrumbs.
    Select a view from the View menu.
  2. Select a view from the list.


  • To cancel the view selection, tap anywhere on the page to return to the current view.
  • If you are working offline, the available views are those you saved offline.

To close the current view:

To close the selected view, and see all items in the library:

  1. Tap the current view name displayed in the title bar, under the current location. Alternatively, tap the Actions menu () > Views ().
  2. Select No View.

Configuring Views Settings

To view all SharePoint documents, instead of the SharePoint default view, when you navigate to a new library:

  1. Tap the View menu () > Settings () > Navigation .
  2. Slide the Default View switch to Off.