Save email messages with unique names for Outlook Knowledge Base

You can instruct to save email messages to SharePoint with a unique name, following one of these methods:

  1. Using options. With this option, concatenates the sending time (in GMT, to avoid collisions between two time zones) and sender name to the email subject to create a unique name to each email saved to SharePoint.
    Example: ACME project information_2015-05-27_20-22-30_Jim Smith.msg.
  2. Using provisioning. With this option, there are two methods to create the unique name:
    1. Define the key UniqueEmailName = True. This will create the same name as using options.
    2. Define the key UniqueEmailName = True and the String Value Hash = True. This will concatenate a hashcode of the email sending time and current user to the message name. Example: ACME project information_vf65bmt2.msg.
      In this method, conversation emails are saved as separate documents, regardless if the same email is saved to SharePoint by more than one person.
  3. Email messages uploaded to SharePoint using Outlook rules or drop folders are automatically assigned with a unique name.

To force creating unique names:

When users upload messages from the same conversation using the Save on Send or Save Message ribbon buttons, they are asked if they want to Add as a new version to existing document(s). If the user selects to Add as a new version to existing document(s), the message will be overwritten, even if is configured to create unique email message names.

To override this behavior and force creating unique names:

  1. Define the key UniqueEmailName = True.
  2. Optionally, define a Hash = True String Value.
  3. Define the key Overwrite = False. Set together with a Force = 1 DWORD Value to prevent overwriting an old message with the new message.