Access Custom OneDrive/My Sites in Email Knowledge Base


With, you cannot access personal OneDrive/My Sites that are configured with a custom host.


Your SharePoint administrator configured the SharePoint OneDrive/My Sites with a different host than the other SharePoint sites. For example, the SharePoint site host is, and the OneDrive/My Site host is cannot detect the OneDrive/My Site host setting and uses the standard SharePoint host URL.


Specify a mapping between SharePoint host URLs and OneDrive/My Site host URLs.

In for Outlook:

For each mapping, add a new String Value to the MySiteHostMapping registry key. To learn how to do that, read Provision for Outlook to all users.

In for Notes:

Use one of these methods:

Using the Properties file

  1. Open the file < deployment path>\plugins\com.mainsoft.sharepoint.sidebar_<version number>\resources\
  2. Add each mapping in a separate line, using the format:
    mysiteurl.<SharePoint host URL>:<OneDrive/My Site host URL>
    Note: Colon characters need to be escaped with a backslash character, as in http\://.
    The example below maps the OneDrive/My Site host to SharePoint sites on the host:
  3. Save the file.
  4. Restart IBM Notes for your changes to take effect.

With Domino provisioning

The Domino administrator can provision the URL mapping from SharePoint to OneDrive/My Site using Managed Settings. For information about how to deploy this setting, read To set default values using Domino.

Add each mapping as a separate item, using this format:

Item Value Plug-in name
/mysiteurl.<SharePoint host URL> <OneDrive/My Site host URL> com.mainsoft.sharepoint.sidebar

Notice the leading slash in the item name.