Send connection failure logs to an internal email address Email Knowledge Base


The Send Report dialog is displayed when failing to add a SharePoint site.

When you fail to register a SharePoint site, you can use the Send Report option which sends detailed information about the connectivity problems to Support.’s support staff will analyze the connection issue and provide you with a solution.

While this works well during the initial evaluation or early deployment of, you may want to instruct your employees to send future connection log information to your internal IT staff instead of Support; this then gives the IT team an opportunity to reach out to your end-users.


You can specify an alternative recipient(s) of the connection logs by making edits to the registry (in Email editions) or to a local properties file (in for Notes only).

Using the registry to specify log file recipients

Add the following key to the registry, under root key:

Key Name (Default) Value data
MainPageSupportEmail <email1;email2;email3...>

To learn how to centrally and remotely provision this registry key, read the knowledge base article Provision for Outlook to all users or Provision for Notes to all users.

Using the properties file to specify log file recipients

This applies only to for Notes.

Note: The registry setting takes precedence over the value set in the properties file. It is recommended to use the registry approach, as this prevents the customization from being deleted when updating

To set the email address of connection failures:

  1. Open the .jar file
  2. Set the MainPageSupportEmail property to the desired email address as follows: MainPageSupportEmail=<emailaddress>@<yourcompany>.com
  3. Remove any existing signature files (*.RSA and *.SF) from the META-INF directory inside the .jar archive.
  4. Sign the .jar file.

Note: Make sure to use ANSI encoding when editing the files (not Unicode or UTF-8). If you save as Unicode, you will receive the error message NLS Missing message in the Add SharePoint Site dialog box.