Enable email previewing

harmon.ie for Outlook Knowledge Base

The Show Preview command allows you to see a preview of email messages (.msg files) uploaded to SharePoint using:

Messages uploaded using the Upload button or by dragging and dropping from the Windows Explorer cannot be previewed.

For previewing email messages, harmon.ie saves the content of the email in a column named MailPreviewData.

The content is compressed and stripped from embedded objects, such as images, excel tables, etc.

To enable the preview of email messages:

The MailPreviewData column must be added to the SharePoint library and to the content type assigned to email messages. There are two methods to add it:

  • Manually:
    1. Create a column called MailPreviewData in the SharePoint library.
    2. Set Column type to Multiple lines of text, with plain text.
    3. Set Allow unlimited length in document libraries to Yes.
    4. Uncheck Add to all content types (recommended).
    5. Uncheck Add to default view, in order to hide the column from the library view (recommended).
    6. Add this column to the content type assigned to email messages.
    7. Select the column from the content type and set This column is to Hidden, to hide the column from the document properties (recommended).
  • By configuring email header mapping. Read Automatic configuration of mapping email headers to SharePoint properties and email headers search to learn how.