Hide designated content types from the New Document dropdown menu

harmon.ie for Outlook Knowledge Base


Designated Content Types are shown in the New Document dropdown menu in harmon.ie.


To solve this problem, a new column should be added for the specific Content Type in SharePoint:

  1. On the Library Settings page create a new column called HarmonieUIHidden. In the column settings, uncheck Add to all content types.
  2. Add this column to the designated Content Type.
  3. In the Content Type settings page select the column HarmonieUIHidden and select the option Hidden (Will not appear in forms). This means that when a user adds or uploads a new document, they are not given the option of selecting this Content Type. In addition, if the user wants to edit the properties of a document saved after this column is created, this Content Type is hidden.


  • You must restart Outlook for the changes to be reflected in harmon.ie.
  • In order to control the visibility of the Content Type in a particular Library, the new column must be added to the Content Type at Library level and not at Site level.
  • Documents saved before the HarmonieUIHidden was created still show the hidden Content Type in their properties. If the Content Type is edited and saved, the hidden content type will be hidden as well.