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The Customization Tool simplifies the customization of the harmon.ie Email installation. It allows you to set initial SharePoint sites, favorites, and settings to all harmon.ie users, as well as to re-brand the app with your company's name and logo.

In addition, you may customize the installation location.

Read the administration guide for a step-by-step tutorial of installing harmon.ie Outlook for a group of people or for the whole organization.

To run the Customization Tool:

  1. Download and extract CustGen.zip to a local folder on your computer, such as C:\temp.
  2. Copy harmon.ie's installation packages (HarmonieSharePointSetup.x86.Ent.licensed[.Teams].msi, HarmonieSharePointSetup.x64.Ent.licensed[.Teams].msi, and HarmonieSharePointSetup.Ent.licensed[.Teams].exe) to C:\temp\custGen.
    Note: custGen can configure one package at a time. If you want to configure both the Outlook with Teams version and the Outlook without Teams version, copy one set of files to C:\temp\custGen at a time.
  3. To define sites, favorites, and settings, edit the custGen\customize.xml file. The custGen\customize.xsd schema file is set up to validate the xml file values. customize.xml includes all the possible keys. Uncomment the keys you want to change for your users. Read Provision harmon.ie for Outlook to all users to understand all of the keys.
  4. To define values with non-English characters, create a document called Codepage.txt next to custGen\customize.xml. Open the document and write the Windows code page identifier of the language you want to support. For example, to support Hebrew letters, write 1255 in Codepage.txt.
  5. To replace the harmon.ie logo with your company name and logo, copy the required images to the custGen\branding subfolder. Read Modify harmon.ie labels and images to learn how to create the branding images.
  6. If you wish to change any of the input file names, open the customize.xml file and set them as attributes to the <customize> node, as explained in the file.
  7. Open a command prompt and run these commands:
    cd C:\Temp\custGen
    runCustGen [customize.xml]
  8. The Customization Tool creates several files under custGen\<date><time>-customized:
    • .reg: Registry files including your initial settings.
    • .mst: MSI transform files that you can bundle with the installation.
    • .msi: Altered installer packages that installs harmon.ie with your initial settings.
    Read Provision harmon.ie for Outlook to all users to learn how you can provision each of these file types to all users.

To change the installation location:

To customize the harmon.ie for Outlook installer to use a different installation folder, or to be deployed for specific users:

  1. Install Orca.
  2. Open the harmon.ie for Outlook MSI package with Orca.
  3. Set the installation folder in the MSI package in Tables > CustomAction > Actions > DIRCA_TARGETDIR. If you need to deploy harmon.ie to specific users, set the installation folder to "[LocalAppDataFolder][Manufacturer][ProductName]". This changes the installation folder from"C:\Program Files [(x86)]\harmon.ie\harmon.ie for SharePoint\" to a specific user location "C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Mainsoft\harmony\"
  4. Save the changes to the MSI package.
  5. Follow the steps described in the Microsoft knowledge base article How to use Group Policy to remotely install software in Windows Server 2008 and in Windows Server 2003.


If you need assistance with running the tool, please email harmon.ie support.