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You can use provisioning to add groups of links from people’s My Links to the sites list and to the favorites list.

My Links can be added only if a social server is configured.

Adding My Links to the sites list:

You can provision to add all the links users defined in their My Links, or only links from certain groups.

The site part of the link is taken, and added to the sites list.

To add My Links to the sites list, add the following registry keys:

  • SyncSitesWithMyLinks
  • SitesDropDownVisibleItemCount (optional)

For explanations, read:

Adding My Links to the favorites list:

By default, adds the links defined in the Document Libraries group of My Links to the favorites list. For more information, read What other SharePoint locations are added to your favorites list.

You can remove these links or add links from other groups as well.

To do this, define the SyncFavoritesWithMyLinks registry key, as explained in: