What to do if you encounter unexpected errors?

For advanced diagnostics of application errors, it is often helpful to inspect the event logs.

The plug-in sidebar version of logs all application events inside IBM Notes’ trace logs. These can be accessed from the IBM Notes menu: Help > Support > View Log and Help > Support > View Trace.

Note: The level of trace messages can be set in the file C:\Program Files\IBM\Lotus\Notes\framework\rcp\eclipse\plugins\<version>\ The version number appended to the folder varies depending on your IBM Notes version. By editing the line .level=SEVERE, an appropriate trace level can be configured. .SEVERE indicates the lowest level of events that are recorded in the log. Valid values are FINE, INFO, WARNING, and SEVERE.

What to do if fails to connect to the SharePoint site?

These instructions show how to test the connection with your SharePoint site and, if necessary, report connectivity issues to your help desk or to support.

Your administrator might have disabled the option to authorize third-party apps access to Office 365. In this case, you may receive this error: Something went wrong. We were unable to connect to your site.

To authorize app's access to Office 365, ask your administrator to do the following:

  1. Click the consent link according to your installed app and the Cloud you are working with:
  2. Sign in with Global Admin credentials and click Accept.

Additional information

For topics related to SharePoint configurations, see the knowledge base article SharePoint configuration requirements for

If the solution to your problem cannot be found in the online help, search or post a question to Stack Overflow. Questions posted to Stack Overflow and tagged with will be answered by a member of the team.

For advanced topics related to Domino administration, please see Deploy on IBM Notes and Provision for Notes to all users.

For more troubleshooting information, search's knowledge base articles, or contact

How to find version?

To find out which version of you are running, open the sidebar menu and select the About option. An About box opens with the version number of