The new (preview)

The future of Information Management has arrived

The new web add-in bridges the gap between email and the Microsoft 365 experience by bringing access to Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive without ever having to leave Outlook. From the pane displayed inside Outlook, you can easily find whatever email or file you are looking for.

The Best Experience Across All Outlooks

The new offers a redesigned experience to empower users using Outlook anywhere!

The new works with any Outlook including the new Outlook and any platform: Windows, Mac, or any web browser. Manage emails and documents with the slick new interface and convenience that make a preferred solution for collaboration and compliance.

Why the new Outlook?

  • features

    Save emails and attachments to SharePoint and Teams, search, share, and manage your M365 files from within Outlook.

  • New Outlook

    A consistent experience in every Outlook, including the New Outlook.

  • Updated UX

    Super fast, super light! The best of with a fresh interface.

  • Security

    ✔ ISO 27001 certified
    ✔ Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program
    ✔ Microsoft Trusted Gold Partner

  • Easy Roll-Out & Maintenance

    Fast and secure installation and provisioning through Microsoft AppSource, and automatic updates.

New Outlook, New

Moving to the new Outlook? The new is the tool for you.

The new web add-in works on any Outlook, including the new Outlook. Discover micro-experiences with from any OS, browser, or platform: desktop, web, Windows, and Mac. Discover one Outlook with the new, no matter how or where you access it.

Fresh UX

The new features a brand-new user interface that is faster, lighter, and more responsive. Manage emails and documents across MS365 directly from your Outlook, and enjoy a simple, smooth experience that eases your workday.

Features of the New

Easy Roll-Out & Maintenance

Fast and secure installation and provisioning through Microsoft AppSource make it a breeze to get your team up and running. Automatic updates keep maintenance to a minimum, so your workflows are always smooth and uninterrupted with the new

Security & Privacy

The new is ISO 27001 certified and has completed the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program. As a Microsoft Trusted Gold Partner, you can rest assured that your data privacy is secure, and you always stay in compliance with applicable IM regulatory frameworks.

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