harmon.ie App administration guide

harmon.ie App for Outlook & Office Knowledge Base

harmon.ie App is an add-in for Outlook and Office that gives you easy access to SharePoint.

harmon.ie App for Outlook (OWA) works on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Web Browser.

harmon.ie App for Office works in Word, Excel and PowerPoint for Windows, Mac, and Office Online.

harmon.ie Apps work with the Global and the German Clouds. Contact us if you wish to work with the German Cloud in harmon.ie App for Office, or with other Clouds.

Supported versions:

  • Outlook Web App (OWA) & Office Online - Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Outlook & Office for Windows - Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint version 16.0.82 or later. Excel is currently supported in Windows only when the app is sideloaded. Contact us if you wish to work with Excel.
  • Outlook for mobile - iOS 13 or later, Android 4.4 or later.
  • Outlook & Office for Mac (macOS: High Sierra version 10.13.4 or later) - Outlook, Word and PowerPoint version 15.36 or later. Excel is currently not supported in Mac. Safari version 11.1.1 or later must be installed on the machine.

This article explains how to:

To install harmon.ie App for Office/Outlook:

To install the app for yourself:

  1. To install harmon.ie App for Outlook, open harmon.ie for Outlook.
    To install harmon.ie App for Office (OWA), open harmon.ie for Office.
  2. Click Get it Now and follow the installation instructions.
  3. Once the harmon.ie App buttons appear in the Home ribbon, click on one of them to launch the app.
  4. Click the Connect To Microsoft 365 button.

To centrally install the app for your organization:

  1. Open the Microsoft 365 admin center.
  2. Select Settings > Services & add-ins.
  3. Click Deploy Add-In > Next > I want to add an Add-in from the Office Store > Next.
  4. Search for harmon.ie.
  5. Click the Add button next to harmon.ie for Office/Outlook.
  6. Click Who has access > Edit and grant access to Everyone or to Specific Users/Groups > Save.
  7. Click Save > Close.

For more information, read Manage deployment of Microsoft 365 add-ins in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Note: If the URL of your Microsoft 365 server ends with .de, contact us to receive a manifest file for the German Cloud.

To configure admin consent for accessing Microsoft 365:

If the Integrated Apps option is turned off to prevent users from authorizing third-party apps to access Microsoft 365 info, an admin consent is required to allow users to use the harmon.ie App. If this is not configured, users receive the error You can't access this application.

To grant harmon.ie App access permissions for all users in the organization:

  1. Click the consent link.
  2. Sign in with Global Admin credentials and click Accept.

The requested permissions and why they are required are listed in the Microsoft 365 App Compliance Program.

To configure MFA with harmon.ie App:

If your system is configured with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), you are required to configure trusted IPs for the harmon.ie App to work properly. These IPs are used by the harmon.ie App deployed on Azure.

Configure these IPs as trusted:


For more information, read Enable the Trusted IPs feature by using service settings.

To provision SharePoint sites and ignored libraries:

Sites you define using this method appear in the user's app in the Sites section. Users cannot remove provisioned sites.

System libraries are ignored by default. You can change the list of ignored libraries, or define an empty list to show all libraries.

  1. Create a YAML file with an array of sites (either sub-sites or site collections) to display to the user, and list of libraries to hide from user.
  2. In the harmon.ie app, click the Settings icon ().
  3. Click Provisioning > Upload preferences.
  4. Select the YAML file you created in the first step.
  5. Click the Restart button to restart the app and see your changes.
    Note: The Restart button appears after a successful upload.

When you upload a new YAML file, sites that were previously provisioned and do not appear in the new YAML file are not removed from the user's app. Instead, they appear as enabled, and the user can remove them.

To create a YAML file:

  1. Create a sites YAML array with 2 properties for each site:
    • rootUrl - a decoded URL of the root site collection.
    • url - a decoded URL of the full path of the site.
    • The order of the sites in the YAML file is the order displayed to users.
  2. Create a ignoredLibraries YAML array with list of libraries to hide.
    By default, these libraries are hidden: Style Library, Site Assets, Form Templates, Site Newsfeed, Site Collection Documents, Site Collection Images, Workflow Tasks. If you do not want to change this list, don't define the ignoredLibraries array.
    To ignore system libraries names in other languages, you must set the ignoredLibraries array manually.
    If ignoredLibraries is defined in the file but left empty, no libraries are hidden.

Here is an example of a YAML file:

  rootUrl: https://ravenwooddemo.sharepoint.com
  url: https://ravenwooddemo.sharepoint.com/LISA
  rootUrl: https://ravenwooddemo.sharepoint.com/sites/Sales
  url: https://ravenwooddemo.sharepoint.com/sites/Sales/Sales Kit
  rootUrl: https://ravenwooddemo.sharepoint.com
  url: https://ravenwooddemo.sharepoint.com/Construction
  - Style Library
  - Site Assets
  - Form Templates
  - Site Newsfeed

To configure email header mapping:

  1. In the harmon.ie app, click the Settings icon ().
  2. Click Email Header Mapping.
  3. Edit the Email Content Types and the SharePoint Columns matching each Email Header. You may supply multiple values separated by semicolons (;).
  4. Click Save.
  5. Select between:
    • Save for me: saves the email headers for yourself, without affecting other users.
    • Default for all users: saves the email headers for all users; users can edit the mappings.
    • Force for all users: saves the email headers for all users; users cannot edit the mappings.

To register a license:

Note: You must be connected to Microsoft 365 to register a license, and must be connected as an Microsoft 365 tenant admin to register the license to all users.

  1. In the harmon.ie app, click the Settings icon ().
  2. In Windows / mobile: click Upload License, browse and select the license file (.lic) you received from harmon.ie and click Open.
  3. In Mac: Drag the license file to the Drop License Here box.
  4. Select between Upload license for me (register the license only for you, without affecting other users) and Upload license for all users.