The Unseen Potential of AI and Automation in Email Retention

The role of AI and automation

Automation tools are more reliable than any human. It isn’t hard for a person who is distracted or overwhelmed at work to skip a step or tell themselves that they will come back to it “later,” but automation simplifies the process, smooths the friction, and makes it easier for people to comply.

While it is hard to assess all the ways that AI may change the way people work,

AI that makes email retention easier is just around the corner. Scanning contents for context, creating additional metadata tags, and automating retention and destruction categorization and execution are just the tip of the iceberg.

Users are ready for AI help when it comes to email retention.

A poll during a recent webinar found that 90% of attendees wanted AI to recommend metadata fields for specific items, followed by 58% seeking recommendations on where to save files and 55% desiring recommendations on which items to save in the first place. We’re already hard at work on the future of AI at, to make the above examples a reality.

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