harmon.ie 10 Bridges The Gaps Between Outlook and Teams

December 25, 2023

harmon.ie 10 Bridges The Gaps Between Outlook and Teams

’Tis the season for celebrating, and we here at harmon.ie are overjoyed to give our customers the gift of harmon.ie 10.0 this December. This update is stuffed with goodies we’re eager to share with you!

An enhanced sharing to Teams experience

Microsoft Teams is the nexus of Information Management activity and, like any busy ecosystem, it can get cluttered and confusing in a hurry. For understandable reasons, many end users opt for convenience over compliance, leading to shared files ending up in all sorts of places.

harmon.ie already made it easy to save email messages and attachments to any location in Teams right from Outlook via drag and drop. But now users can also right-click any item and share it to a specific chat or channel in Teams, rather than having to copy and paste links.

When users upload an item to a Teams location, they’ll now be prompted to share it to Teams automatically as well. This allows users to also post the file directly to the channel they’re saving to (or any other chat or channel of their choosing), which isn’t possible with Microsoft 365 alone. This eliminates the trade-off between focusing on filing things in the correct location and streamlining collaboration. Now files and messages can be organized correctly while still facilitating rapid collaboration with colleagues.

Putting the functional back into cross-functional

Microsoft Teams isn’t just for collaborating with members of your own team, it’s even more powerful when it brings together colleagues from various functions to work on a single initiative, such as engineering, marketing, sales, and finance all prepping for a new product release. The shared channels feature in Microsoft Teams lets that happen and now those shared channels will be supported in harmon.ie, too, along with shared and private channels.

The convenience of dragging and dropping files to and from Teams and Outlook is now unlocked for every type of channel, creating a consistent workflow regardless of the context.

Detailed labels to jog your memory

Can’t remember whether or not you already shared that important client email to Microsoft Teams? That’s no longer a problem with harmon.ie 10.0. Every email shared to Teams will be labeled.

Can’t remember where you shared that important client email on Microsoft Teams? We’ve got you covered there as well. The label includes the Teams location where it was saved, giving you the confidence it’s in the appropriate spot and a quick reference if someone else needs to know.

A better window into Teams from your inbox

When you and your colleagues are in Teams chats or meetings, it’s easy to add files to the conversation. But those files don’t automatically end up precisely filed away in the correct locations on Teams. They instead linger on in limbo, only discoverable by forensically retracting your steps to the right chat or meeting, which inevitably becomes a foggier memory by the day.

But now those files are not only easily findable but visible right within Outlook! All the files you have shared or received in Teams chats and meetings will be in the more prominent and powerful Teams section of the harmon.ie Outlook panel.

Open sesame

While Microsoft 365 offers online versions of its key productivity apps such as PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, sometimes a file is just better suited to be worked on exclusively with the more powerful and robust desktop version of these programs.

Now, when you know that an enormous spreadsheet won’t function correctly in Excel’s browser app, you can ensure that collaborators always open it locally. When generating a link to a file on SharePoint, Teams, or OneDrive using harmon.ie, users can specify whether that file should be opened locally or if defaulting to Microsoft’s 365 open settings is OK.

harmon.ie also updated the workflow for users opening an email saved to SharePoint or Teams or OneDrive from the harmon.ie Outlook pane. Now, whenever a .msg file is opened via harmon.ie, it will open directly within Outlook, rather than as a preview in a web browser.

GCC High support

For our customers working within the government space, harmon.ie is once again meeting the challenge to comply with the strict security and compliance rules their organization or customers demand. We already supported Microsoft 365 GCC, but we’ve now added support for the even more rigorous GCC High, which operates in a U.S. Sovereign Cloud.

For example, user analytics and tracking have been disabled for these specific environments. GCC High support enables an even broader set of end users to take advantage of harmon.ie’s time-saving technology while serving some of the most sensitive parts of the U.S. government.

Give your organization the gift of frictionless Information Management

With so many new enhancements to our powerful productivity-boosting tool, there’s no better time to add a little harmon.ie to your organization. To see it in action for yourself, begin your free trial today!

If you are a current harmon.ie user, talk to your admin about updating to harmon.ie 10.

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