sharepoint email management

Email Management with SharePoint

Capturing business-critical emails from the high volume of information we deal with every day is a difficult task. Classifying them in a way that ensures they are stored correctly and can be found when needed, is almost impossible, if you don't have SharePoint email management to help out.
Save on email storage
Reduce expensive storage space by keeping a single copy of each email and its attachments with SharePoint email management.
Eliminate Document Chaos
Eliminate 'email chaos' by maintaining only one copy of each email. Preserve a version history of emails for future reference.
Fulfill compliance requirements
Discover emails quickly for discovery, audit, governance, and compliance needs.

Upload emails and documents to SharePoint from Outlook easily with drag and drop capabilities that SharePoint email management solution offers you. Auto-capture emails with Outlook rules, or “save on send” to SharePoint.


Automatically capture email headers as metadata with SharePoint email management. Receive prompts for required metadata ensuring the email (or document) can be found later.


Find important emails and documents quickly, using sophisticated views, filters and favorites that can be used with our SharePoint email management solution. Effortlessly discover related documents and emails across SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, and Outlook.


Collaborate with colleagues using email messages stored on SharePoint. Use draft emails to collaborate internally. Preserve a version history of email exchanges.

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