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Capture & Classify

harmon.ie makes it easy to upload emails and documents to SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams. This includes a simple drag-and-drop method, an auto-capture for emails using Outlook rules, the ability to upload messages automatically when sending them, as well as a trove of other convenient methods.

harmon.ie prompts users to classify important emails and documents when uploading to SharePoint, OneDrive, or Teams using SharePoint metadata, ensuring the information can be found later. Both SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises are supported.

Capture an email to SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive

Find & Discover

harmon.ie for Outlook makes it easy to search and discover important emails and documents quickly. Discover content using powerful and unique search capabilities, as well as filters, favorite locations, and sophisticated, flexible views.


harmon.ie makes it easy to share emails and documents with colleagues. Instead of inundating colleagues with attachments—that can easily be mismanaged, lost or duplicated—harmon.ie enables you to share secure document links. Verify colleagues have access to the documents before sending them. With harmon.ie, sharing information is scalable and secure so you can worry less about governance and compliance, and focus more on work.

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