Centralize and Streamline Financial Services and Insurance Document Management

With harmon.ie, financial services and insurance companies can bring emails, attachments, and chats into SharePoint and Microsoft Teams–empowering more effective handling of accounts, assets, policy documents, claims, and correspondence. Centralize and streamline document management, manage risk, and ensure frictionless compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Connect Your Emails with SharePoint and Teams

    Make it simple and easy to move emails from Outlook into SharePoint or Teams and bring all your client communications and internal discussions together in one place, without ever leaving Outlook.

  • Get a Complete View of All Your Information

    Manage risk and organize records to stay in compliance with record retention requirements from regulations such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), SEC, or FINRA, among others. Ensure that all colleagues are working from the same set of information by making it easy to share and store emails and files centrally while also preserving the least access principles.

  • Enforce Retention and Compliance Rules

    Proactively keep all records organized to breeze through regulatory exams or respond to legal matters easily. Remove friction and drive adoption by enabling users to stay in Outlook, an application they know, while dragging and dropping files and emails to SharePoint or Teams locations while adding metadata for context and retrieval.

  • Drive Adoption of Your SharePoint or Teams Strategy and Reduce Email Storage Costs

    Right now, In an effort to comply with regulations or business-as-usual procedures, the same email gets saved and retained by multiple people, doubling the effort and increasing email storage costs. Centralize the retention of records and reduce duplicate files and emails eating up storage space. Make it just as easy to attach a link as a document, reducing version proliferation, risk, and storage needs.

French Banking Federation

A heightened international banking regulatory environment made it more important than ever for the French Banking Federation to streamline its document handling processes to more efficiently review and participate in authoring policy and positioning documents and guidelines. harmon.oe helped the Federation Boost employee productivity and speed document production by making it easier than ever before to share documents using Microsoft collaborative platforms from within Outlook.

"harmon.ie enables our team to collaborate more efficiently on the documents, and with a high degree of confidence they have all relevant correspondence at their fingertips."

Federic Guinet IT Director, French Banking Federation

Swiss Re Company Case Study

harmon.ie accelerated digital transformation for one of the biggest reinsurance companies in the world. We helped them to unlock the full value of their Microsoft investment and empower effective information management.

“I can get acess to all of my documents wherever I am in the world thanks to our harmon.ie app.”

Rainer Baumann CIO, Swiss Re

Global Asset Management Case Study

A global asset management firm wanted to mitigate risk by ensuring that the company could reliably access the appropriate documents to respond to litigation, more accurately conducting internal audits, and ensure compliance with government and industry regulations. harmon.ie helped them drive adoption of SharePoint by making it easy to share emails and files without leaving the familiar Outlook environment.

“When we saw harmon.ie emulating the experience of Outlook, we knew it would be a killer technology to drive adoption. This was a way to bring [the users] an experience that they were familiar with, because it’s right within Outlook. When we showed them the capability of harmon.ie, it caught on.”

IT Manager, Global Asset Management firm

Milliman Case Study

We enabled a leading actuarial and consulting firm Milliman to streamline and automate email management. Now their actuarial document workflow and record handling are much easier and faster for Milliman’s 2,700 employees.

“harmon.ie has been a boon for our highly-trained and experienced consultants who need to focus on their jobs and not on document management.”

Sid Siegel Director, Enterprise Architecture, Milliman

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