Better Resolutions in Case Management brings together emails, documents, and conversations across Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive, and Microsoft Teams so you can resolve cases faster and more effectively and access records easily.

  • Connect Client Emails with Teams Chats

    By adding Outlook emails to Teams conversations, you can make sure cases are successfully closed. Achieve a single discussion with seamless external and internal communications.

  • Get Help from Colleagues in Real-time makes it easy to share an email received from a customer with your team and get their input, without leaving the Microsoft Teams conversation.

  • Manage Records and Apply Retention Policies

    Quickly and easily label documents of record and other sensitive emails with their requisite retention labels, so they can be found and dealt with later.

The Global Fund case study

The Global Fund uses to make the processing of funding applications a smooth experience for everyone. With, user-adoption of SharePoint Online has increased massively.

“When the evaluation period ran out, we had employees saying, ‘Give me this product now.’ Because it was such a great product for them, and it made their lives there easier.”

Phillip Worrell The Global Fund’s ICT Engineer and Business Analyst

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