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At harmon.ie, we prioritize not only your data's security but also its sovereignty. We take pride in our promise that your essential data remains strictly within the boundaries of your tenant and will never be trafficked, processed, or stored outside of these secure confines. By partnering with harmon.ie, you're choosing a platform that is steadfast in its dedication to the highest levels of security, compliance, and data protection. Your trust is our responsibility, and we endeavor to uphold it every single day.

  • Information Stays on Your Tenant

    Your emails and documents remain on your Microsoft tenant. The harmon.ie app connects directly to your M365 tenant or SharePoint on premises servicer. There is no harmon.ie backend/server components.

  • Certifications

    ✔ ISO 27001 certified

    ✔ Microsoft Trusted Gold Partner

    ✔ Microsoft AI Content Partner

  • SharePoint admin consent

    harmon.ie users will be able to search SharePoint, One Drive and MS Teams, but only the sites and folders provisioned to them. Features in harmon.ie might require admin consent to ensure fully secure and compliant usage.

ISO Certified

At harmon.ie, our commitment to your data security and privacy is paramount. We are proudly ISO-27001 certified – the gold standard in information security management. This certification underscores our unwavering commitment to safeguarding your data and ensures we follow best practices in information security. By choosing harmon.ie, you're partnering with a company that places the utmost importance on the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your information. Our ISO-27001 certification is a testament to our dedication to ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance in all our operations, so you can trust us with your most valuable data.

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