Enable verifying recipients access to document links

harmon.ie for Outlook Knowledge Base

When sending an email with attachments, you are prompted to upload the attachments to SharePoint and replace them with links.

If you choose to do so, you can instruct harmon.ie to verify that your SharePoint recipients have access to the SharePoint location you selected to upload the attachments to, and warn you if they don’t.

To enable the verify links feature:

Note: This feature requires an on premise installation.

  1. Download the attached zip file (listed below), and extract it to a local folder on your SharePoint on-premise server.
  2. Either run the Deploy.bat or right-click the DeploymentScript.ps1 file and select Run with PowerShell. This installs the server component.
  3. To verify that the deployment succeeded, open a command prompt and run the following commands:
    cd C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\{16|15|14}\BIN
    stsadm -o enumsolutions

    Note: Change the number in the paths above according to your SharePoint Server version (16 for SharePoint 2019 or 2016, 15 for SharePoint 2013, 14 for SharePoint 2010).
    Make sure that the harmonie.sharepoint.permissions.wsp solution appears in the list.
  4. Define the registry keys under harmon.ie root key, and set their (default) value data to the desired value (True/False).
    There are three keys you can define: VerifyLinksAccessā€‹, VerifyRecipientsAccessā€‹ and ShowVerifyLinksRibbonButton. Read Provision harmon.ie for Outlook to all users for more information.
  5. To disable link access in a subset of the provisioned SharePoint sites, define the VerifyAccessDisabledHosts key, and set to the list of sites in which you do not want to verify links in. Read Provision harmon.ie for Outlook to all users for more information.

  • For all versions (4.0 and newer) download the file listed below: harmonie.permissions_2.1.34131.zip
  • For harmon.ie version 4.1 download harmonie.permissions_2.0.32986.zip - OBSOLETE
  • For harmon.ie version 4.0 download harmonie.permissions_1.0.31552.zip - OBSOLETE