Announcing the Top 25 International SharePoint Influencers of 2019
SharePoint remains a constant in today’s business world. Among other things, it’s the document management system that organizations of all sizes rely on, and every year it continues to grow in popularity. SharePoint has an enormous following and has generated a highly engaged online community. SharePoint influencers are experts and thought leaders who extol the benefits of not only SharePoint but the Microsoft environment to readers around the world.   Yaacov Cohen, CEO of commented: “We really value and recognize people within the community. As we do every year, we want to independently serve the ecosystem – by helping others connect and recognize the incredible work done by influencers around the world who are working with SharePoint”.   Every year we recognize these influencers and thought leaders in the community who share their expertise and help companies make the most of SharePoint. With our series of international SharePoint Summits underway, and this week’s SharePoint North America Conference, now is the perfect time to announce the top 25 international SharePoint influencers of 2019. Sharing knowledge around the world  Some of our key findings this year include: The country with the largest representation of influencers was the US with 28% of the top 25. Germany was next with 20%, followed by Canada at 12%. This year the top 25 has 150% more women compared to 2018, with women representing 5 of the 25 influencers. 80% of the Top 25 had a personal blog compared to 48% of the average SharePoint influencer. Our ranking is formed by many factors, including engagement, frequency of activity, backlinks, follower base, and more. But this list is only representative of a small fraction of the wider SharePoint community. At, we recognize the value in building communities of SharePoint and Office 365 experts around the world. To bring together the key figures in the industry, every year we hold SharePoint Summits; events where business leaders can create new connections and learn about how SharePoint is transforming document management within organizations.  
May 2019 | Team at the SharePoint Conference: Everything you need to know before you go
It’s an exciting time to work in the Microsoft world, with innovative new tools constantly being announced – putting end users, developers, consultants and IT companies at the cutting edge of business technology. But you’d be forgiven for sometimes feeling almost overwhelmed by the rate that new tools and updates are released. And that’s why events like Microsoft’s upcoming SharePoint Conference are so important. From May 21-23, SharePoint will be taking over Las Vegas, NV, and thousands of developers, businesspeople, consultants and tech companies will descend on the city to get the inside scoop on the world’s leading business productivity tool. These kinds of events are so useful from a business perspective – giving you new insights into the latest updates, meeting industry peers and offering a place to learn about Microsoft’s wider strategy. Whether you’re already signed up, or are still undecided, let’s look at what we can expect from the event and see what will be doing during the three-day SharePoint celebration. A superlative celebration of SharePoint The SharePoint Conference is a unique opportunity to rub shoulders with the great and the good of the SharePoint ecosystem. Microsoft leaders, including Jeff Teper, Bill Baer, Naomi Moneypenny and many more will be giving keynotes, leading sessions and taking Q&A’s. These Microsoft insiders will be revealing future strategy for the platform and announcing exciting updates which will affect how you work in the coming months and years.   And it’s not just an opportunity to hear from Microsoft. Many SharePoint leaders from outside Microsoft will also be running events, showing how their products can extend and enhance SharePoint and will be giving practical guidance on planning, architecting, deploying and extending Microsoft tools. Over the three-day event you’ll have the choice of more than 150 speakers, 200 sessions, 20 workshops and over 100 exhibitors in a buzzing exhibition center. at the SharePoint Conference 2019  The annual SharePoint Conference is one of the major events in’s calendar – we’ve been attending for years and have benefited enormously from the opportunities to connect with our peers in the Microsoft ecosystem and collaborate on best practices. This year, we’ve got a busy three days lined up in the Nevada desert: How Hilton is managing its information governance:’s lunch and learn Want to see how you can introduce better information management and governance into your organization? On Wednesday and Thursday, is delighted to welcome Bill Zaklis, Information Governance Director at Hilton to show how the world’s best-known hotel company uses to manage its information in compliance with legislation around the planet in our lunch and learn. Times are: Wednesday, May 22, 12:30 - 1:30pm and Thursday, May 23, 12:30 - 1:30pm in Room 304, Level 3 at the MGM Grand Conference Center. Must-see conference session on Office 365 information management with’s David Lavenda One of’s co-founders and our VP of Product Strategy, David works on the frontline of business information management – indeed he’s researching his PhD on this topic. David will be giving an overview of the end user challenges of finding and working with information in Office 365. His session (Wednesday 22nd, 8:30am) will investigate why users sometimes find it difficult to find information they need on the platform, and then see how the Microsoft Graph can be used to make this easier. Join us for the announcement of the Top 25 SharePoint Influencers! Every year, we analyze how SharePoint experts around the world have helped support the SharePoint community, curating our list of the top 25 most influential community leaders and celebrating their success. On May 21st we will be announcing  the winners of this year’s awards – don’t miss it! To see this year’s top 25, read our announcement. Meet us and get hands-on with at Booth #301 will be exhibiting all week at Booth #301 in the exhibitors center, where our friendly teams will be available to show you how our technology works, give you demo’s and answer any questions you have on information management and governance best practices in Office 365. See you at the SharePoint Conference! With just over a week to go before the world’s biggest SharePoint conference opens its doors in Las Vegas, we’re buzzing to hear about the latest updates coming out of Microsoft HQ and can’t wait to see what other speakers and exhibitors have lined up. And, with a busy three days of our own, it’s going to be an exciting event. So, once you’re booked into your hotel and ready to hit the exhibition hall and speaker sessions, make sure you come by Booth #301 and book yourself in to one of our events. See you in Las Vegas!
May 2019 | Team 7 is Now Available
We are proud to announce 7, the latest version of for Outlook. 7 introduces a host of new capabilities to for Outlook users on the desktop, as well as new innovations for for Outlook and for Office apps users. With version 7, brings to market a fresh new look in Outlook, together with innovative capabilities for intelligent email management and SharePoint/Office 365 adoption. It also introduces, for the first time, topic computing in ‘preview mode.’ With topic computing, enterprise knowledge workers can view their Office 365 information organized by familiar business topics, like names of products, services, customers, and projects. For 7, topics have been optimized to support intelligent email management. If you save emails on SharePoint and would like to be part of the Topics preview program, click here. New look 7 incorporates up-to-date Microsoft Universal Windows Platform and Fluent Design/features, such as icons and other display elements. These new features are available in Outlook on the desktop, in the for Outlook Web App, and also in the for Office App. Intelligent email management 7 introduces new capabilities to buttress the already strong offering for email and document management using SharePoint and Office 365, and includes the following: Using topics, identifies emails that are related to the one you are viewing in Outlook. These are likely candidates for email retention.  By previewing the emails, you can identify which ones you want to capture. then enables you to easily capture and classify the emails in SharePoint, without leaving your Outlook window. now offers enhanced suggestions for where to save emails and documents. Previously, recent locations were based on where the user recently visited in SharePoint. Now, locations recently accessed within Office 365 are also suggested. To learn more about’s extensive email management capabilities, download the Intelligent Email Management solution sheet. SharePoint/Office 365 adoption 7 provides a brand-new onboarding experience to simplify getting started. A wizard-driven approach is now used to help workers get started by guiding them along the setup and login path to SharePoint. For organizations, this new capability helps drive usage, thereby increasing SharePoint and Office 365 adoption, maximizing your investment. for Office and for Outlook Web Apps In addition to all the great new capabilities in for Outlook on the desktop, continues to innovate across the entire product suite; including new features added to for Office and for Outlook apps, which include the following: New look – the Universal Windows Platform/Fluent design has been incorporated into the apps. Access to Teams in SharePoint directly from the apps.   Additionally, new abilities have been added to Microsoft Outlook Mobile that enable users to upload emails directly to SharePoint/Office 365 directly from Microsoft Outlook Mobile. Read more about new mobile capabilities here. is in sync with Microsoft technologies As always, continues to work in lockstep with Microsoft and support the technologies currently supported by Microsoft. As such, as part of the version 7 release, now supports SharePoint 2019 and Office 2019. Plus, a new single sign on to SharePoint 365 sites and Teams has been added. On the flip side, we are discontinuing support for deprecated Microsoft technologies, namely, Windows XP, Office 2007. We will also discontinue support for the following SharePoint versions; WSS3, SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint 2007. (Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP in 2014, and for Office 2007 in 2017). 7 and Beyond As an organization, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of intelligent email management. And what’s more, remains the best solution for organizations looking to boost Office 365 and SharePoint adoption. Our partnership with Microsoft continues to grow—our solution, for example, is the first to use the power of the Microsoft Graph to bring together data from across an organization’s Office 365 environment. With 7, we are taking another step towards the future. Together with Microsoft, will always strive to deliver better solutions for knowledge workers. To learn more about what’s new in 7, click here. To find out more about how is looking to the future with Microsoft technologies and is revolutionizing email management, get in contact with the team today.
April 2019 | Ram Tagher
SharePoint Summit 2019 Kickoff
Join Office 365 experts at SharePoint Summit 2019 in Tel Aviv and Reston, VA this week. With Office 365 and SharePoint, Microsoft offers tools for better productivity than ever before. But are we using the platforms to their full potential?   Office 365 and SharePoint are changing the world For years, Office 365 and SharePoint have helped organizations achieve more and streamline their business processes. They’ve been instrumental in the pursuit of ‘digital transformation’; an ongoing process which sees businesses embracing new technology and work practices to solve traditional business problems and embrace new ways of thinking. As powerful as they are, however, the platforms alone can’t guarantee a smooth transformation to the Digital Workplace. Without considering the daily user experience of today’s knowledge workers, organizations will not be able to reap the benefits of SharePoint or Office 365. What is the SharePoint Summit 2019? The SharePoint Summit 2019 events are one-day seminars intended to help Microsoft professionals stay on top the latest Office 365 and SharePoint developments and gain practical insight about how to take advantage of them. There are 13 SharePoint Summits planned for 2019. As the host sponsor, is spearheading this initiative to  bring together industry leaders and experts to discuss developments in Office 365 and SharePoint and provide advice on how to improve adoption. With educational sessions, Q&A sessions, demonstrations, and more, the summits offer the chance to learn from industry experts and network with likeminded peers. Held in Microsoft facilities and co-sponsored by Microsoft, the events feature sessions and panels from a Microsoft keynote speaker, as well sessions from Microsoft experts from Nintex, AvePoint, and local systems integrators. These SharePoint Summits present the opportunity to learn more about the role that Office 365 and SharePoint are playing in the current technology landscape, the coming updates and changes, and the strategies you can take to make the most of them. Office 365 experts in Tel Aviv, Israel, April 3rd, 2019 April rings in the opening of the SharePoint Summit season.  On April 3, the Summit takes place at Microsoft Israel, featuring a keynote speech from the former GM of Microsoft Israel R&D, Yoram Yaacovi. He’ll discuss The Future of Technology and Work. Other speakers at this event include Yaacov Cohen, co-founder and CEO of, who will discuss the Microsoft Graph and the keys to overcoming information overload. He’ll be followed by speakers including Yair Dembinsky, CEO of local SharePoint user group Know-edge; and Nati Papirovitch, SharePoint MVP & Senior SharePoint and Office365 Consultant. You can find an agenda here; you can register to attend here. Office 365 experts in Reston, VA, April 3rd, 2019 The same day, April 3, a SharePoint Summit will also be held at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC) in Reston, Virginia. Ed Hild, a Technical Architect at Microsoft, will give the keynote speech about “Everyday AI in Microsoft 365.”  As Microsoft apps become more intelligent, they’ll provide new possibilities for businesses, so this is a must-attend speech.’s Chief Product Officer David Lavenda will discuss how to overcome information overload inherent in Office 365, followed by Adam Levithan, Principal – Product Management at Withum and Microsoft MVP, and many more. You can find an agenda here and register to attend here. The future of Office 365 and SharePoint To ensure that your organization is makes the most of Office 365 and SharePoint, register for a SharePoint Summit near you. These are the perfect opportunity to gain industry insights and plans your digital transformation. We’ll share agendas for coming events on our website in the next few months, so make sure to check back for more details.  Register for our events today to ensure that your business is always one step ahead of the competition.
April 2019 | Team
Intelligent Email Management Goes Mobile is now in the Microsoft Outlook Mobile App With today’s new major update to our Office App for iOS and Android, is completing the email management story by being in the Microsoft Outlook Mobile app.. Extending the power of intelligent email management to every device allows users to save and classify emails and attachments no matter where they are. In this blog we’ll discuss the benefits of being available for mobile and how this will change email management for the better. What is email management? Email is the primary method that knowledge workers use to communicate important information – but businesses routinely disregard emails as essential sources of information. Although important information is shared in emails, too often businesses don’t have effective email management practices. Ineffective email management can lead to conflicting versions of the same information, and a lack of visibility of important business information. Email conversations or threads may be buried in individual inboxes or deleted, creating potential breakdowns in communication. To intelligently manage emails, businesses must treat them as the important documents they are. This requires capturing and classifying them in a way that enables workers to easily access them from a centralized location like SharePoint. helps businesses achieve this by allowing workers to drag and drop important emails from Outlook directly into SharePoint and providing a simple prompt for entering crucial metadata to classify them for easy access.   Until now, workers who access business email from mobile devices, such as salespeople out on the road, have been unable to classify emails until they’re back at their desks. This creates a gap in email management practices, leaving workers incapable of documenting their emails until they’re on a desktop with access to for Outlook mobile app. To combat poor email management, we've released the Office app, which is now accessible via Outlook on mobile devices. Now, mobile workers are able to save emails directly as documents of record in SharePoint. Business mobile use is on the rise Globally, mobile phone usage is at an all-time high. In the US, people check their smartphones an average of 52 times a day. In 2016, Frost and Sullivan found that workers who use smartphones as part of their workday gain nearly an hour (58 minutes) of work time every day. With the advances in technology in just the last three years, workers have more intelligent and capable devices than ever, leading to improved productivity. Now that many businesses are operating in the cloud, workers are able to access business apps from their phones: behavior like checking emails first thing in the morning and last thing at night, while commuting and while on site have become normal and even expected. Modern work styles are characterized by a constant flow of information and demands for increased productivity, and smartphones can help workers manage their emails between working days. The ability to access the important information in email inboxes allows workers to stay updated and share their knowledge more frequently. This has a clear positive effect on productivity. However, without intelligent email practices, it is impossible to work in a manner consistent with business email policies and standards. While workers may have been able to read or reply to emails, this has been the extent of their interactions – without the ability to transform emails into documents of record, they haven’t had the tools necessary to manage the information contained within. To combat this, we’re introducing app for mobile, which makes intelligent email management easier and more effective than ever with the ability to save emails as documents directly in SharePoint. The benefits of having in the Microsoft outlook mobile app now offers a consistent user experience across any and all devices, greatly increasing worker productivity. Working from mobile devices has some phenomenal benefits; is the first solution that makes working with SharePoint practical from a mobile device.  Some of the benefits include: Easier access to vital documents with link-sharing Reduce information siloes with a centralized location available from any device Reduce toggling between apps, leading to increased productivity Communicate and share information more effectively through links Use metadata directly from your device to easily store and retrieve emails The future of email management The Radicati Group estimate that 128.8 billion business emails are sent every day – this is a 5% increase on last year’s estimate. To cope with the sheer volume of emails being sent, businesses need to take advantage of better email management practices. Without email policies, it’s impossible to store important business information in a transparent and compliant way. Companies who don’t adapt to more intelligent email management methods will risk falling behind competitors who are reaping the benefits. helps workers increase their productivity, while streamlining their email management processes. Workers can save emails as documents directly to SharePoint, and work from a single source of truth. Version control is simplified, records are complete and compliant, and workers are able to find what they need when they need it. Arming workers with the best tools available is the only way to establish intelligent email management practices which will future-proof your organization. is the solution that will help you succeed. To find out more about how can help your business improve your email management policies and increase your productivity, contact us today.
March 2019 | Ram Tagher
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