Work From Home Is Here to Stay – So, Learn How to Be Productive

November 5, 2020

Work From Home Is Here to Stay – So, Learn How to Be Productive

Teams adoption is off the charts with an incredible 115 million daily active users, up from 75 million users in April, and only 13 million users back in mid-2019. This meteoric rise means only one thing… During the current COVID-19 pandemic, organizations are investing heavily in tools that enable their workforce to communicate remotely in real-time. And with good reason considering the spate of company announcements extending ‘work from home’ (WFH) directives well into 2021 and beyond, as reported recently in the New York Times.

As organizations hunker down for the long term, at-home workers increasingly need to be self-sufficient and independent. Without the ability to peek over the cubicle divider or poke their heads into a neighboring office to ask a colleague for advice, at-home workers need suitable WFH tools to be productive. Another challenge for at-home workers is finding the latest version of emails and documents needed to complete important business tasks.

Despite the massive investment in Microsoft Teams and other Microsoft 365 tools, at-home workers still struggle to be productive. That’s why you need to attend next week’s webinar, Working from Home using Outlook, SharePoint & Teams, hosted by founder and CEO, Yaacov Cohen.

During the webinar, Cohen will spotlight critical productivity challenges associated with working from home, and then show how to combine Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and SharePoint into a single collaboration platform, thereby making it easy for at-home workers to reach out to colleagues for help and to find important content quickly.

The free webinar will take place on Wednesday, November 11 at the following times:

  • EMEA – 11:00 GMT
  • North America – 11:00 ET

Register for one of the events:

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