Join Us at AIIM24 to Explore the Future of IM

March 25, 2024

Join Us at AIIM24 to Explore the Future of IM is headed to AIIM24 and we can’t wait to meet the Information Management professionals and talk about solving some of the top challenges facing enterprises today.

For, 2024 is all about two key information and records management issues: Taming the chaos on Teams and introducing predictive filing with Private AI. Our team of professionals is excited to discuss these topics in depth with attendees during the upcoming conference in San Antonio.

Both of our informative presentations thoroughly explore subjects that are top of mind for Information Management leaders. Artificial intelligence is seemingly all anyone wants to talk about, but identifying safe and secure ways to introduce the technology into enterprise workflows isn’t a minor undertaking. With executives exerting pressure to leverage AI, employees fearing it’s coming for their jobs, and some very real data privacy issues to manage, Information Management professionals need solutions that thread that needle and don’t incur massive costs or gobble up precious resources. We’ll explore this situation during our Wednesday session and offer up some near-term answers.

Another challenge many attendees face is keeping their organizations’ Microsoft Teams from becoming disorganized. The rapid uptake of Teams for collaboration has led to a Wild West scenario where different departments and individuals are just making things up as they go along. However efficient collaboration demands consistency and a comprehensive view of all related materials… including relevant emails. Join your industry peers to understand how a great user experience can keep things organized, drive compliance, and help you meet your Information Management goals.

Session One: Balancing Innovation with Integrity - The Future of Private AI and Federated Learning

Our first session will feature Senior Product Manager Corey Tinianov diving into the topic on everyone’s minds these days—artificial intelligence. Knowing the pressure and urgency organizations face to tap into this powerful technology is often tempered by very real security and privacy concerns, Corey will explore options that balance these seemingly competing desires.

AI itself is not the privacy risk everyone is concerned about… it’s losing control of your data with centralized ML. But when the AI models train and run within your tenant, your organizational data isn’t going anywhere. Even better, it’s trained on your data, syntax, and taxonomies and not a pooled, generic data set.

Session attendees will:

  • Learn about the applications addressing privacy in the AI world.
  • Discover why it’s vital to train your AI models on your data.
  • Hear about the principles of federated learning and how it preserves data privacy.
  • Explore the challenges and solutions in integrating AI into business processes without compromising data security.
  • Understand the minimal impact on computing power and cloud computing costs of running PRIVATE AI on your tenant.
  • See’s plans for PRIVATE AI for Information Management on Microsoft 365.

Join us Wednesday, April 3 at 4:20 pm in Crockett A, level 4.

Session Two: Are Emails Missing in the Teams Collaboration Celebration? VP of Microsoft 365 Services Ron Johnsen leads our second session, where attendees will explore the value of including emails to digital collaboration platforms and the importance of focusing on the end-user experience to make it a frictionless process to achieve widespread adoption and compliance.

While SharePoint and Teams are great tools for working together, emails often get left out. This doesn’t just impact your email disposition strategy, it also leaves business units with an incomplete view of the projects, accounts, and cases they’re managing on Microsoft Teams.

How can you maximize your investment and make sharing emails to Teams a regular habit? By giving your users a user experience that makes sharing emails a simple and intuitive task.

Let’s invite emails to the Teams collaboration party!

Session attendees will:

  • Identify integration strategies for email and Teams to improve information governance.
  • Understand how to enhance compliance and collaboration within Microsoft 365.
  • Learn how to boost project efficiency and data management with seamless email integration between Outlook and Teams.

Join us Thursday, April 4 at 11:00 am in Crockett A, level 4.

Can’t make it to one of our sessions? Let’s meet! experts will be on hand to explore your needs and challenges, walk you through a demonstration, and discuss some of our client success stories (1,200+ enterprise customers around the world). Schedule a one-on-one meeting to dive into your specific needs.

Connect with us and learn more at our booth

Stop by the booth at booth #329. See how to integrate Outlook with Teams and SharePoint and ask any questions you might have.


  • Wednesday, April 3, 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday, April 4, 8:30 am - 5:35 pm
  • Friday, April 5, 8:30 am - 10:00 am

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