June 13, 2019

harmon.ie acquires new talent

It’s been a busy few months for us at harmon.ie. We recently had an employee buyout from previous investors, allowing us to focus on long-term growth. We just released harmon.ie 7, which with thanks to our talented product team , delivers more innovation and capabilities to our harmon.ie product, and very recently, announced that Yoram Yaacovi and Shalom Passy have joined our board, with the goal of driving us forward as a company and new talent has joined our AI department.

And the train of announcements doesn’t stop there! To ensure that we remain at the forefront of intelligent email management, we’ve recently appointed a new VP of Artificial Intelligence, Sasha Apartsin.

We’re delighted to welcome Sasha to the team and in todays' blog, Sasha gives his insights into what he’s most looking forward to achieving with harmon.ie.

Sasha Apartsin helps keep harmon.ie at the forefront of AI

Sasha joins harmon.ie from Motorola Solutions Israel, where he was Head of AI Research. Focusing on machine/deep learning, computer vision, and natural language processing, his knowledge is truly cutting-edge, and puts him at the forefront of the AI revolution. His extensive background in machine learning and data science spans over 20 years. Beginning as a software and algorithm developer, Sasha has worked in many areas. These include designing algorithms, data analysis, product development, system architecture, and more. The addition of new talent with such wealth of experience, as Sasha brings to harmon.ie, will contribute to building the products that modern workers need.

The chance to make a difference with new talent

“Data is the new oil” observes Sasha. “We have access to huge amounts of corporate data – but lots of people are focusing on tools when they should be focusing on AI.”

One of the things that attracted him to harmon.ie was the company’s current standing. As a small company, harmon.ie can move quickly and make the agile business decisions that keep us at the forefront of modern technology. But the smaller size of the company means workers like Sasha have more limited resources – this is a challenge that Sasha relishes.

In his first months at harmon.ie, Sasha has taken on the challenge of building a roadmap of harmon.ie’s future AI technologies and features – he says of his plans: “We need to build the technology to help us win in the product space.” He notes that joining harmon.ie ‘offered a great opportunity to change the way that people complete their day-to-day work’.

In terms of the future of harmon.ie, Sasha says, “Email is just the beginning. It’s one of the most commonly used applications, but it’s messy. It’s used as a project management tool, an operation tool, a sharing tool… and transforming email is just the first step. The next step is the workspace. The workspace is built more around tasks, semantics, and meaning, and less about applications and tools. Eventually, this will be a streamlined experience, in which workers won’t need to worry about which application or piece of technology they’re using.”

In the coming years, the evolution of the modern workplace will see the need for intelligent business technology explode. harmon.ie will be at the forefront of the space, transforming daily work with email management and topic computing tools that help knowledge workers achieve more. With people like Sasha, harmon.ie is sure to remain at the cutting edge of technology.

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