harmon.ie 7 is Now Available in Office 365 and Outlook web apps

April 18, 2019

harmon.ie 7 is Now Available in Office 365 and Outlook web apps

We are proud to announce harmon.ie 7, the latest version of harmon.ie for Outlook. harmon.ie 7 introduces a host of new capabilities to harmon.ie for Outlook users on the desktop, as well as new innovations for harmon.ie for Outlook web apps and harmon.ie for Office apps users.

With version 7, harmon.ie brings to market a fresh new look in Outlook, together with innovative capabilities for intelligent email management and SharePoint/Office 365 adoption. It also introduces, for the first time, topic computing in ‘preview mode.’ With topic computing, enterprise knowledge workers can view their Office 365 information organized by familiar business topics, like names of products, services, customers, and projects. For harmon.ie 7, topics have been optimized to support intelligent email management. If you save emails on SharePoint and would like to be part of the Topics preview program, click here.

New look

harmon.ie 7 incorporates up-to-date Microsoft Universal Windows Platform and Fluent Design/features, such as icons and other display elements. These new features are available in Outlook on the desktop, in the harmon.ie for Outlook Web Apps, and also in the harmon.ie for Office App.

Intelligent email management

harmon.ie 7 introduces new capabilities to buttress the already strong offering for email and document management using SharePoint and Office 365, and includes the following:

  • Using topics, harmon.ie identifies emails that are related to the one you are viewing in Outlook. These are likely candidates for email retention. By previewing the emails, you can identify which ones you want to capture. harmon.ie then enables you to easily capture and classify the emails in SharePoint, without leaving your Outlook window.

  • harmon.ie now offers enhanced suggestions for where to save emails and documents. Previously, recent locations were based on where the user recently visited in SharePoint. Now, locations recently accessed within Office 365 are also suggested.

To learn more about harmon.ie’s extensive email management capabilities, download the Intelligent Email Management solution sheet.

SharePoint/Office 365 adoption

harmon.ie 7 provides a brand-new onboarding experience to simplify getting started. A wizard-driven approach is now used to help workers get started by guiding them along the setup and login path to SharePoint. For organizations, this new capability helps drive harmon.ie usage, thereby increasing SharePoint and Office 365 adoption, maximizing your harmon.ie investment.

harmon.ie for Office and harmon.ie for Outlook Web Apps

In addition to all the great new capabilities in harmon.ie for Outlook on the desktop, harmon.ie continues to innovate across the entire product suite; including new features added to harmon.ie for Office and harmon.ie for Outlook apps, which include the following:

  • New look – the Universal Windows Platform/Fluent design has been incorporated into the harmon.ie apps.
  • Access to Teams in SharePoint directly from the apps.

Additionally, new abilities have been added to Microsoft Outlook Mobile that enable users to upload emails directly to SharePoint/Office 365 directly from Microsoft Outlook Mobile. Read more about new mobile capabilities here.

harmon.ie is in sync with Microsoft technologies

As always, harmon.ie continues to work in lockstep with Microsoft and support the technologies currently supported by Microsoft. As such, as part of the version 7 release, harmon.ie now supports SharePoint 2019 and Office 2019. Plus, a new single sign on to SharePoint 365 sites and Teams has been added.

On the flip side, we are discontinuing support for deprecated Microsoft technologies, namely, Windows XP, Office 2007. We will also discontinue support for the following SharePoint versions; WSS3, SharePoint Foundation and SharePoint 2007. (Microsoft discontinued support for Windows XP in 2014, and for Office 2007 in 2017).

harmon.ie 7 and Beyond

As an organization, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of intelligent email management. And what’s more, harmon.ie remains the best solution for organizations looking to boost Office 365 and SharePoint adoption. Our partnership with Microsoft continues to grow—our solution, for example, is the first to use the power of the Microsoft Graph to bring together data from across an organization’s Office 365 environment.

With harmon.ie 7, we are taking another step towards the future. Together with Microsoft, harmon.ie will always strive to deliver better solutions for knowledge workers.

To learn more about what’s new in harmon.ie 7, click here.

To find out more about how harmon.ie is looking to the future with Microsoft technologies and is revolutionizing email management, get in contact with the harmon.ie team today.

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