harmon.ie 9.1 is Now Available

September 14, 2021

harmon.ie 9.1 is Now Available

New harmon.ie version 9.1 follows on the heels of our extremely popular 9.0 release. Codenamed harmon.ie 365, harmon.ie 9.X enables information workers, for the first time, to capture, classify, discover, and share emails and documents across multiple Microsoft 365 apps – SharePoint, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive.

Building on the success of harmon.ie 9.0, harmon.ie 9.1 introduces the following important new capabilities:

  • Our new migration tool announced in June, is now bundled in the harmon.ie 9.1 release. This tool enables you to migrate your harmon.ie ‘sites’ and ‘favorites’ URLs from on premises SharePoint locations to SharePoint Online locations. This is a boon for organizations with many SharePoint locations, to make the migration process transparent for harmon.ie users.
  • harmon.ie 9.1 adds support for private Teams channels (in addition to the previously supported, public channels). This means you can now upload and share documents and emails from Outlook to private Teams channels. You will recall that private channels create focused spaces for collaboration amongst a subset of a team. They are useful when you want to limit collaboration to people who have ‘a need to know’ or if you want to facilitate communication between a group of people assigned to a specific project, without having to create an additional team to manage.
  • harmon.ie 9.1 extends your ability to share Microsoft 365 folders and document sets with external parties using new Microsoft 365 Share capabilities. Previously, only sharing documents was supported.

Check out the What’s New in harmon.ie for Outlook page to see a complete list of what’s new in harmon.ie 9.1 and to view important upgrade information.

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