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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:

  • Harmonie.SDK.ISidebar - Provides sidebar-related services
  • Harmonie.SDK.IUITask - Implement this interface to perform UI operations
  • Harmonie.SDK.IUploadAttachmentData
  • Harmonie.SDK.IUploadFileData - This interface represents the data related to an uploaded file
  • Harmonie.SDK.IUploadItemContentLibraryData - The interface represents the SharePoint related data of the uploaded item
  • Harmonie.SDK.IUploadItemData - Represents the data of the uploaded item
  • Harmonie.SDK.IUploadMailData - Represents an uploaded e-mail message
  • Harmonie.SDK.IUploadOperationHandler - This interface changes the upload behavior. It is recommended to implement the UploadOperationHandler class, which implements this interface and contains default implementation for these methods
  • Harmonie.SDK.IWrappedList - A general List
  • Harmonie.SDK.IWrappedMap - A general Dictionary (Map)
  • Harmonie.SDK.WrappedList.JavaIterator
  • Harmonie.SDK.WrappedList.JavaWrappedList
  • Harmonie.SDK.WrappedMap.JavaWrappedMap
  • Harmonie.SDK.MailHeader - Class representing the header of an e-mail message. Use this class to retrieve e-mail headers values from the IUploadItemData.Fields collection
  • Harmonie.SDK.MetaDataValue - Represents the value of a SharePoint metadata field
  • Harmonie.SDK.OverwriteAction - OverwriteAction class represents what to do if the item already exists on SharePoint: OverwriteExisting - to replace the existing file, CreateNew - to add a new file with (2), (3) etc. appended to file name, or Choose - ask user what to do
  • Harmonie.SDK.UploadAction - Defines the state of the upload process
  • Harmonie.SDK.UploadItemData - Represents the data of the uploaded item
  • Harmonie.SDK.UploadOperationAttribute - Use this attribute to declare a plugin based on the IUploadOperationHandler interface
  • Harmonie.SDK.UploadOperationHandler - This class changes the upload behavior
  • Harmonie.SDK.WrappedList - An abstract implementation of a list, that can be used both in C# and Java
  • Harmonie.SDK.WrappedMap - An abstract implementation of a map / dictionary, that can be used both in C# and Java

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