Email Compliance That Makes Business Sense

Email Compliance That Makes Business Sense

How Allianz Technology Delivers Compliance Using M365

Let’s face it, when it comes to information retention policy, legal and business units rarely see eye-to-eye.

Legal wants to dispose of everything, business want to keep everything.
As always: IT is caught in the cross-fire.

Join us to learn from one of the largest global compliance success stories. Discover how Allianz efficiently implemented an information management system across its vast network, reaching over 180,000 users worldwide.

Get valuable insights and actionable strategies for organizations aiming to balance compliance with business functionality.
Email compliance that makes actual business sense.

In this webinar we covered:

  • Case Study of Allianz Technology: A detailed look at how Allianz, a large and complex organization, leveraged the features and capabilities of Microsoft 365 to align with legal and regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Compliance Strategies with Microsoft 365: An exploration of specific tools, features, and strategies within the Microsoft 365 suite that facilitate compliance, such as data governance, security measures, and information retention policies.
  • Best Practices and Lessons Learned: Insights and practical takeaways that can be applied by other organizations seeking to enhance their compliance posture using Microsoft 365.
  • IT and Business Alignment: Discussion on how IT departments can effectively align their compliance initiatives with broader business goals, a key theme in the compliance versus business needs debate.
  • User Adoption and Management: Tips on managing a smooth rollout of compliance initiatives, focusing on user adoption, training, and change management.

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