Effective Project Management with MS Teams

Effective Project Management with MS Teams

MS Teams can be a powerful platform for project management. With chats, meetings, files and many 3rd party solutions, MS Teams is a booming platform for all types of project management. From construction to digital transformation, from government to healthcare – this platform is both flexible and robust enough to support most use cases.

What are the most effective ways to manage projects on Teams?

Join MS Teams expert, Microsoft MVP, Hilton Giesenow, and harmon.ie Product Manager, Corey Tinianov, to learn how to turn Teams into a powerful tool for project management.

Webinar Highlights

  • The benefits and challenges of managing projects in Teams
  • Best practices for project management using Teams, channels, threads, and tabs
  • How to integrate Outlook and Teams for seamless communication with external parties
  • Effective management of files and emails, using taxonomy, email views
  • Change management and team adoption

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