Building better construction information management brings together all your records and communications, so construction industry employees can work more effectively, streamline processes and improve project delivery.
How helps
Unify Emails with SharePoint and Teams Chats Seamlessly
When you can effortlessly move emails from Outlook into SharePoint or Teams chats, everyone can stay on top of all the project’s stakeholder and supplier communications.
Bring Together All Your Project Documents
Easily see and access all a construction project’s documents, such as contracts, supplier invoices, site applications and plans - all at hand when needed.
Ensure Compliance with Records Regulations
Make compliance and information governances a simple part of everyday processes, which cuts the administration workload and increases productivity.
We helped Bauer Group, a multinational construction and machinery manufacturing business, to unfiy their records and communications, giving workers greater access to all the information they need, whenever they need it.
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“When someone needs to access information, they know how and where to look for it. That’s something all our workers have appreciated.”
- Michaela Meissner, ECM Consultant, BAUER Group
With, a construction leader could unify their multi-system information management process and create one streamlined platform, offering improved access to business-critical records and communications.
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 “ has significantly boosted our teams’ adoption of SharePoint, which has improved how we share project information, which is so vital in an industry like construction.”
- Shipra Sharma, Business Analyst, Kier Group

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