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35,000 employees
Babcock Adopts SharePoint Using

Babcock has approximately 26,000 SharePoint users, and 40 terabytes of data is stored on SharePoint. The process of email and document classification was very difficult for employees, especially for bulk uploading. This is where came to the rescue.


As part of their move to SharePoint, was selected to drive SharePoint adoption and to alleviate the classification challenges. The advantages of using at Babcock include the following:

  • Bulk uploads and classification – solves the difficulties of bulk uploading documents and emails, and classifying all items at once.
  • Sending links instead of email attachments - a side benefit of the SharePoint solution is that Babcock sees a reduction in documents sent as email attachments. This not only decreases data volume, it also prevents document versioning chaos.
  • Simple interface to SharePoint – with, users search for SharePoint content through the Outlook add-on and open and modify documents directly through Outlook.

About Babcock

Babcock is a leading provider of critical, complex engineering services. It employs over 35,000 associates worldwide, with 2020 operating profit of ₤524M. Founded in 1891, Babcock now focuses on three highly regulated markets – defense, emergency services and civil nuclear – delivering vital services and managing complex assets in the UK and internationally.

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