harmon.ie Subprocessors

Current as of January 16, 2023

This page lists current subprocessors used by harmon.ie. This list is maintained to ensure our customers and users are provided with updated information on third parties that we use to deliver our services.

harmon.ie - Third-Party Subprocessors

Name Purpose Location (data center)
Salesforce CRM US
Salesloft Sales engagement US
Google Cloud Data hosting / Product database US
Amazon Data hosting / Product database US
Azure Data hosting / Product database US
MLAB Data hosting / Product database US
Mixpanel Product analytics Version 9.1 or later: EU
Version 9.0 or prior: US
Constant Contact Email Marketing platform US
Intercom Email Marketing platform US
Google Analytics Website analytics US
Zendesk Customer Support, Storage, logs and diagnostics US
Sanity Content management system US
Prismic Content management system France


harmon.ie Group Subprocessors

Name Related harmon.ie Services Location
harmon.ie R&D Ltd Israel entity Israel


As our business grows and evolves, the processors we engage may also change. Please check back for updates.

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  • Executed copy of the Customer-harmon.ie data processing addendum

To edit your email notification information, please re-submit a request to privacy@harmon.ie with the subject title “Change in Contact Information”.