Welcome to harmon.ie for Notes

Welcome to harmon.ie for Notes

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harmon.ie® Notes is a sidebar panel for IBM Notes that provides easy, full-featured access to SharePoint content. You can collaborate on documents, share email using SharePoint, and socialize with your colleagues from the convenience of your email client. harmon.ie also allows you to integrate your SharePoint calendars into your Notes 9 / 8.5 Calendar application.

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Main features

  • Drag, drop, share.
    • Simply drag email attachments or entire email messages to publish them on SharePoint.
    • Share documents/list items easily. Add document/item links to your email message, calendar appointment, or task.
    • Replace attachments with links and send email, in one step. When you send a message with an attachment, harmon.ie asks if you want to publish the document and send a link instead.
  • Find documents/items easily from IBM Notes.
    • Locate a document/item using back/forward navigation, history, and favorites, as in a Web browser.
    • Search the contents of documents/items in your current SharePoint site or library.
  • Work on SharePoint documents.
    • Right click to check out and edit a document. When you are done making edits, check in your changes.
    • Edit document properties, directly from IBM Notes. When you are finished, harmon.ie reminds you to check in your changes. If your company uses required document properties, harmon.ie prompts you to fill them in when uploading your documents.
    • Approve documents, view the document history, and more.
  • Follow document updates and search for people in the People tab.
  • Yammer integration.
    • View your Yammer feed, your co-worker’s feeds, and post new messages and comments, all from within IBM Notes.
    • View and share updates with external networks.
    • View and share updates with a specific group.
  • Integrate SharePoint calendars in IBM Notes.
  • Provisioning of preferences by the Domino administrator.
  • No modifications are required to the SharePoint Server infrastructure.

Software requirements

The required software components for harmon.ie are:

  • IBM® IBM Notes 8.5 or later
  • SharePoint calendar integration is supported only in IBM Notes 9 / 8.5.x, and requires the Notes 9 / 8.5 Mail template, respectively.
  • Microsoft Windows. See supported versions in detailed system requirements for IBM Notes.
  • Office 365, SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010
  • Skype for Business (required for presence awareness).

Main help topics

Getting Started
Getting started with harmon.ie.

Adding and editing SharePoint sites
Adding SharePoint sites to the sidebar.

Finding SharePoint content
Using the harmon.ie sidebar to navigate or search for SharePoint content.

Working with documents
Working with SharePoint documents from the sidebar.

Working with lists
Working with SharePoint lists from the sidebar.

Working with email
Sharing email and email attachments with your team and sending SharePoint documents as attachments.

Working with people
Using the People tab to find people, view people information, communicate with people, and get updated.

Viewing updates
View document updates for followed locations as well as Yammer updates.

Accessing SharePoint calendars
Viewing SharePoint calendars from Notes and creating new team events.

Accessibility and keyboard shortcuts
Using the keyboard to get things done.

Getting help.