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" was the perfect solution to generate the high levels of SharePoint/Microsoft 365 user adoption we need to run our business.”

Nezah Samur

Business Analyst at Eneco Group

About Eneco group

Eneco is an international sustainable energy company, headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands. With 3,500 employees, The Eneco Group operates in the Netherlands, the UK, Germany, France and Belgium. Alongside energy production, purchasing, trade and supply, Eneco supplies the daily energy needs of 2.1 million companies and households. Connecting with everyone in society, including partners, NGOs, municipalities and government agencies, is the main driving force behind Eneco. This defines the way in which they aim to make ‘sustainable energy for everyone’ a reality - by ensuring that energy remains available and affordable for everyone.

The Case Study

As an energy company involved with production and distribution of energy, and supporting corporate and residential customers, Eneco group deal with complex projects that involve many employees working from many different locations. As such, Eneco is heavily reliant on documents, such as a project plans, contracts, and technical documentation to run its business. Keeping those documents in order, is fundamentally important, so that employees can share and collaborate using the latest copies. That’s why Eneco picked SharePoint as its document management system. Originally working with SharePoint 2003, Eneco has migrated over the years to SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and now to Microsoft 365.

Eneco realized that the document management system would only be effective if they could get the vast majority of employees to store documents in SharePoint and share links to the latest versions. Eneco realized that rolling out SharePoint ‘out of the box’ would not drive the level of adoption needed to reap the benefits from the system.

The Solution

After rigorously evaluating several options, including Colligo, Eneco group selected as the SharePoint user experience solution. With, Eneco employees are able to access SharePoint directly from their email window, where they spend their work day. Dragging and dropping documents between email and SharePoint makes it easy for employees to use SharePoint, because they don’t have to change their daily work behavior or learn a new tool.

Plus, with integration with Lync, Yammer, and OneDrive for Business, Eneco group employees can use all the Microsoft tools available in-house, all from a single window. Eneco gains the business value for which they originally invested in these Microsoft tools, and employees receive a frictionless workflow; one that conforms with what they did before these tools were installed.

Moreover, has helped workers become more productive across all versions of SharePoint. During the various SharePoint upgrades, has ensured that the user experience remain consistent, making it easy for employees to focus on their daily work tasks, rather than on learning a new user interface. is a Boon to Microsoft 365

Like many organizations, Eneco was eager to take advantage of Microsoft’s new Microsoft 365 offering. The simplification of IT and the ability to get new software revisions ‘rolled out’ quickly was compelling, but the organization was concerned that Microsoft 365’s new user experience would be disruptive.

Again, came to the rescue. By providing an identical user experience for Microsoft on-premises and Microsoft 365 collaboration tools, was able to facilitate a smooth transition to the Microsoft cloud. Employees were not affected by the move to the cloud, so the organization could migrate in stages to reduce complexity. The results surpassed expectations.

What Eneco is saying:

“As a leading company in providing sustainable energy solutions, we need to collaborate closely to coordinate our work in wind parks on land and sea, bio, solar and hydro energy, all across Europe. And because SharePoint and Office 365 are such important pieces of our collaboration strategy, it was critical for us to make them easily accessible to our business users. was the perfect solution to generate the high levels of SharePoint/Microsoft 365 user adoption we need to run our business.”
- Nezah Samur Business Analyst, Eneco

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