Working from Home? SmartAssistant™ Is a Critical Part of Your Remote Collaboration Suite

March 12, 2020

Working from Home? SmartAssistant™ Is a Critical Part of Your Remote Collaboration Suite

In today’s environment, when people are working increasingly from home, it is more important than ever to make sure everyone in your company is on the same page. With so many options to communicate with colleagues, it is easy to drop the ball. For example, you have Outlook, SharePoint, and now Teams to share content, so it is very easy for business information to become fragmented across multiple apps. Once fragmented, it is virtually impossible to piece together to see the big picture. And now, with so many people working remotely, it is even harder to stay on track.

That’s why you need SmartAssistant™ more than ever. SmartAssistant is the world’s first product to link an organization’s internal staff conversations and external communications in Office 365, by intelligently connecting emails, documents, and conversations in Teams.

SmartAssistant offers the following capabilities:

  • Drag and drop emails and attachments from Outlook directly to a Teams channel, which saves the email to the Team’s mailbox or SharePoint location and saves the attachments to the channel’s underlying SharePoint files location.
  • Seamless Outlook/Teams transitions: After dragging and dropping content to a Teams channel, you can post the files to your team in an Adaptive Card and continue the conversation in the Teams app.
  • Metadata: When copying emails and attachments to Teams channels, users are prompted to apply metadata to SharePoint documents, as well as to emails. Using metadata, related emails and attachments remain connected.
  • “Teams” Outlook tab: displays all emails and attachments copied to Teams, directly in the Outlook sidebar. Users can then:
    o Display emails and attachments previously added to the conversation from
    o Filter the list of emails by team or channel.
    o View and edit emails and attachments using their native app (e.g. Word, PowerPoint, Excel).
    o Notify team members about a saved email and/or attachment.
  • Display favorite Teams and channels directly in the “Favorites” view. You can also drag and drop emails, attachments, and documents onto a drop target in the Favorites view.

Check out this new video that describes how SmartAssistant works.

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