Welcome to the New harmon.ie!

December 7, 2021

Welcome to the New harmon.ie!

The last two years have been a roller coaster, for the industry and for harmon.ie as well. While the world was hit with a global pandemic and business went into lockdown, changing how business get done, harmon.ie also experienced a renaissance, which has reached its climax today, with our new rebranding announcement!

From today, you will see a new harmon.ie logo, a new website, and an updated branding on all harmon.ie’s products. But our rebranding is much more than an esthetic facelift. The rebranding reflects the seismic changes that have transpired at harmon.ie, all meant to improve our ability to serve and support our loyal customers.

Here are some of the big changes from harmon.ie:

Management Buyout

harmon.ie leadership undertook a management buyout, turning harmon.ie into an employee-owned entity. This change has enabled us to focus on delivering maximum value to customers, which is reflected by a 97% retention rate from our over 1500 enterprise customers in 2021.

New products

2021 saw the release of harmon.ie 365 – our biggest and most ambitious product update in years. Featuring an updated harmon.ie for Outlook plug-in, this new release is designed to serve today’s ‘at-home’ and ‘in-office’ hybrid workers, who now need to live not just in Outlook but to toggle between Teams and Outlook. harmon.ie 365 brings Microsoft Teams within Outlook and enables remote workers to find and access important emails and documents across all the Microsoft 365 content repositories – SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive.

harmon.ie’s new Email TeamMate product also took off in 2021, tackling the same “living in two apps” challenge, by bringing Outlook emails within Microsoft Teams. Email TeamMate enables Microsoft 365 users to pull important emails directly into a Teams conversation. Without having to toggle between Outlook and Teams, Email TeamMate keeps workers focused on the work, rather than technology.

New Customers

The most important indication of harmon.ie’s success is our exceptional customer satisfaction, reflected by our 97% customer retention rate. To share how customers are using harmon.ie, we continued to publish new customer case studies, spotlighting how organizations use harmon.ie products to further their business goals. In 2021, we added these new customer case studies, showcased by the following customer quotes:

“Every tour we do features harmon.ie, because it does make working with documents and SharePoint so much easier and we actually have statistical evidence that once people see harmon.ie, they want it.”

Cassy Freeman, Digital Workplace Lead at Babcock International

“harmon.ie enables our employees to do information management (IM) without knowing they are doing information management... And that makes all the difference.”

Alexandre Singh, Exec. Dir. Business Solutions and IM, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC)

“harmon.ie gave us the opportunity to create an internal, win-win situation between [associates and] the company that has formal requirements and wants good information, lifecycle management or records management, and wants to be 100% compliant with all regulations to fulfill our duties. It's part of our value set and we live up to it… harmon.ie helped us make access easier, and make the process easier by enhancing the associate user experience.”

Daniel Stuch, Senior Project Leader Application Development & Rollout at Bosch

“People are not going to change. If you want them to use SharePoint, you have to make it easy for them to capture, classify, and find emails and documents. harmon.ie is the key.”

Mario Gaulin, Director of Enterprise Information Solutions at Canadian Department of Agriculture and Agri-Food (AAFC)

Microsoft Partnerships

harmon.ie is a valuable member of key Microsoft partnership programs, including being a Content Services partner, a Gold Development partner, and a Microsoft co-sell ready partner. Our close relationship with Microsoft was spotlighted in a Microsoft Intrazone podcast from earlier this year, in which, Mark Kashman, Microsoft Senior Product Manager and Chris McNulty, Microsoft Director of Product Marketing, called harmon.ie’s capability to “drag and drop within an app, without switching context and being compliant, ‘a game changer action for employees.’”

New Digs

In 2021, harmon.ie moved into new, centrally located, flexible workspace in Modiin, Israel. Designed to accommodate the hybrid workforce, the new location is situated adjacent to the central train station. The modern workspace inspires an energizing vibe while providing easy access to employees who rely upon public transportation.

New hires

Key new hires across all company departments are injecting energy and innovation horsepower to take the company to the next level. New employee additions have been made in the R&D, QA, Marketing, Finance, and Operations departments.

And, This is Just the Beginning

As 2021 winds down, big plans are afoot for 2022. In Q1 2022, we will be announcing our newest product addition to the harmon.ie family – harmon.ie Accord (previously code-named, ServiceMate). This product is built for account and client managers who need to support clients and want to leverage Microsoft Teams’ collaborative powers to do so. With Accord, account teams can pull important client emails into Teams and start a collaborative Teams task to make sure the client gets the best and most authoritative response. Accord eliminates the inevitable email chaos that ensues when multiple people receive the same ‘shared’ email.

Also, look forward to new announcements about strategic partnerships, key new hires, and of course, new customer stories.

Happy New Year!

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