June 23, 2020The Governance Beginner’s Guide for Microsoft Teams

If you are like most organizations, you have already started rolling out Microsoft Teams, at least for meetings and chat. And if you are like most organizations, you were quickly overwhelmed by too many channels and a loss of data control.

Teams is a great platform, but when used ‘as is’ out of the box, it can become an IT headache. And from a worker’s perspective, when anyone can create their own channels and share information, it is almost impossible to find where the conversation is taking place. The result is a drop in productivity instead of an increase.

That is why it is so important to focus on governance right out of the gate. For example, templates offer a way to streamline team creation and user permission setup. But how do you do this effectively and efficiently, without hampering your employee’s ability to focus on work?

To learn how to get started with Teams governance, attend this week’s webinar, entitled The Governance Beginner’s Guide for Microsoft Teams. During the webinar, Christian Gross, CEO of Solutions2Share, a harmon.ie partner, will explore:

  • If it makes sense to allow everyone in the company to create new Teams
  • How many governance policies you need in your company
  • Which governance policies Microsoft recommends

The webinar took place on Wednesday, June 24 2020.

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