June 16, 2020

Should you Implement Capstone or Topical-based Email Retention?

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With more people than ever working remotely and Microsoft Teams usage on the rise, managing records embedded in email and Teams is now a priority. But how can you do it without overwhelming your workers?

One approach to managing email is a method called Capstone, which was created by the US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). The Capstone approach advocates applying retention policies to messages based on the class/role of the mailbox owner. A major failing of this approach is that it does not consider the content of an email message. A more fine-grained approach is clearly desirable, but designing a practical solution is not simple.

The easiest way to implement effective records management for email and Teams’ content is to provide this capability directly in Microsoft Outlook, where users are already working. This approach enables email owners to help determine the record-worthiness of their own email efficiently, and in a familiar application.

Join harmon.ie and partner ShareSquared on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 at 1PM EDT to learn more about email management using Microsoft Teams. During the webinar, Microsoft Certified Master, Jim Duncan, will discuss how to use taxonomy for functional and topic-based email retention, as well as how to implement Capstone using Microsoft Exchange policies.

The webinar will also feature harmon.ie VP of Customer Success, Ron Johnsen, who will demonstrate how to manage email and attachments, documents, and Teams content using Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

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