October 20, 2022

Sharing Is Caring on SharePoint

Technology is meant to improve our lives, but it often gets in our way. Who hasn’t been flustered trying to navigate an app, website or platform in a high stress situation? For example, April 15th is approaching, and you are not sure why, but you are not able to find the documents your accountant needs to file by midnight. It happens, and it happens quite often.

The stress of needing to find or share a document in a pinch is common in today’s world.

Setting up a structure that ensures compliance is a necessity in today’s office.

Organizations (and IT) rely on SharePoint because SharePoint:

  • Has robust classification capabilities with metadata
  • Compared to Teams, SharePoint is a better choice for enterprise history, audit and compliance
  • Is scalable with no limitation on the number of folders, and document libraries

Problem Solved! Right? Wrong!

You need to get your employees on board. Your employees prefer Teams. They like chatting. They like doing their thing without needing IT. All is not lost! Check out a viable solution here.

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