September 11, 2022

Microsoft Teams or SharePoint: What is the right place for document collaboration?

Working online has a side benefit, there is always a “paper” trail left. The challenge is, how do we retrace our steps to easily access what we are looking for? 

With the explosive growth of Microsoft Teams during the pandemic, organizations are struggling to come up with a consistent document collaboration practice. SharePoint can be a safe choice for capturing and collaborating on important content with metadata and retention capabilities, while Teams is a more intuitive choice for sharing and collaborating in the moment and with more contributors.

Online remote collaboration is critical for the future of the working world. Office vacancy rates are still high post pandemic with the current demand at 66% on average compared to 2019.

The pandemic changed the world, certainly the office, for good. However, Microsoft had already created the tools to make it possible for colleagues around the world to collaborate. No matter the industry, interaction and collaboration happen across zip codes and time zones. Some teams can literally physically huddle weekly, monthly or quarterly. will be hosting a webinar to share best practices on how to manage documents in an increasingly richer Microsoft 365 environment and address questions like:

  • Can you use the Microsoft Teams and Channels structure as a simple taxonomy?
  • Can you use SharePoint for document classification and Teams for sharing and collaborating?
  • Is SharePoint a better choice for highly regulated documents and emails?

Register for one of these sessions:

EMEA - Thursday, September 22, 11:00 BST

North America - Thursday, September 22, 11AM EST

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