Your Love and Hate Relationship with Teams

October 13, 2022

Your Love and Hate Relationship with Teams

When should you text? Call? Show up at their door? In our personal lives we know that different tools and mediums are used for various situations. Involving more people? The medium you use to communicate can prove to be more complicated. Throw in some office politics and you could be in the perfect storm.

But. Wait for it. Microsoft Teams to the rescue! Your employees love Teams. Here’s why: 

  • They don’t need IT to get the ball rolling. The element of autonomy and sense of empowerment for employees cannot be too heavily underscored.
  • Teams offers an integrated chat & document collaboration experience. You can drag & drop a document in the conversation window, chat about the document and edit it,all in one window on your screen.
  • It is easy to set up, user friendly, and easy to use. It is intuitive. The power to communicate in one-on-one or group chats is easy. Same deal for channels. 
  • Users find it easier to collaborate on team projects compared to other Microsoft platforms. It is aptly named!
  • Teams offers an implicit taxonomy based on Teams and Channels names. 
  • Everything is technically saved to SharePoint automatically, in the Files Tab, which feels like saving a shared copy to common users.

Your employees love Teams, but you may not! Here’s why:

  • You max out at 200 channels.
  • Navigating your conversations can become extremely difficult once you’ve surpassed 20 accounts.
  • The simple taxonomy doesn’t allow you to separate files based on document type, purpose, etc.
  • While you can communicate with your internal colleagues, sharing documents with clients or consultants outside of your company doesn’t work with Teams.

You may love Teams, you may not. Love or hate (or something in-between), Teams is here to stay, but you can tweak things a bit and integrate an additional platform to have it all. Click here to see how this plays out in a use case with a sales team to learn more.

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