Key Strategies for Insuring Information Governance When Working from Home

September 9, 2020

Key Strategies for Insuring Information Governance When Working from Home

With continued and possibly growing social isolation, businesses need to prepare a long-term work from home information governance strategy. Because what initially looked like a short shelter in place hiatus has evolved into the ongoing status quo for many organizations and workers. (For more on this, see Working from Home, The New Normal.)

New Challenges

As we learn more about the dynamics of working from home, it is becoming clear that we need more than just Microsoft Teams or Zoom meetings to sync workers and keep them on the same page. For example, work from homers continue to interact with customers, suppliers, and partners; as a result, emails and documents continue to fly back and forth at a dizzying pace. The difference now? Many of these emails and documents are locked away on local drives or in personal Inboxes. Not only can team members not view or access the latest information and updates, they are also unaware of the latest communications with outside parties. The result? Burgeoning document chaos at best, and huge, looming liabilities at worst.

Information Governance is More Important Than Ever

That’s why information managers need to review and revise information governance strategies now and communicate those strategies with remote workers. Moreover, key business processes need to be analyzed, particularly those that involve external constituents, like account management and case management.

To key you into critical issues, has prepared an ebook, entitled Why a collaborative mindset is integral to information management, that spotlights what you need to know about information governance in today’s work from home environment.

Here are some key takeaways from the ebook:

  • Governance is a broad term. It means more than simply records management. It is also about being able to find the right information across your business when it’s needed.
  • When information isn’t captured and classified correctly, employees waste a serious amount of time searching for the documents they need to efficiently do their job.
  • When you implement easy to follow information governance actions, you leave workers more time to focus on the business and less on managing information.

Download and read the complete Why a collaborative mindset is integral to information management ebook.

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